MW3 Zombies fans have been eagerly awaiting some new MWZ content, and a tease from Infinity Ward suggests that Season 2 will have plenty to offer!

MWZ (AKA Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies) got off to an excellent start when the game launched in November 2023.

Despite the mode initially looking like a quick DMZ reskin, players soon discovered that the latest Zombies mode to grace the Call of Duty series was far better than expected.

MWZ launched with 3 entire Acts to complete, giving players plenty to get on with – but now many users are done with the mode and waiting for what’s next.

Infinity Ward Teases MWZ Season 2

Infinity Ward Associate Game Designer Jaden LaRose, who goes by CloakandKill on Twitter/X, teases that MW3 Zombies will receive some exciting Season 2 content.

Posting to the social media site, the Infinity Ward employee stirred Zombies fans up into a frenzy with the following statement:

Although it was certainly implied that MWZ Season 2 would add further content to Call of Duty’s latest Zombies mode, this sounds like Activision has big plans for the undead survival.

This will surely make fans happy, especially after Season 1 Reloaded added only a single new Warlord to Urzikstan.

Perhaps Infinity Ward was holding back in order to give users a more exciting update for the next seasonal drop.

Aether Worm in MWZ

However, players may want to temper their expectations slightly…

“It’s not that deep guys, I’m just hyped about the stuff I’m getting to work on lol,” LaRose commented in a follow-up post.

Nevertheless, this has been one of the first teases that fans have been able to latch onto regarding the future of MW3 Zombies. And we can’t blame them for being excited about it.

What Will Season 2 Look Like?

So far, we know little about what MWZ Season 2 will look like. However, if we had to guess, we’d say Season 2 will bring more Acts to the game’s missions, alongside new Contracts to complete and undead bosses to encounter.

In addition, it’s possible that other maps, such as the upcoming return of Rebirth Island, may see a fresh outbreak of zombies…

For now, we’ll just have to wait for the MW3 Zombies Season 2 release date to roll around in order to find out more.

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