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Infinity Ward Reveals First Modern Warfare 2 Teaser

Infinity Ward recently updated its social media channels with the first direct teaser of 2019 Modern Warfare’s sequel.

Infinity Ward confirmed back on February 11 that it was working on a successor to the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare. Since that confirmation, there have not been further updates on this title.

All the conversation around this upcoming Call of Duty game spiked due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

Rumors already hinted the next CoD title would be a continuation of the story introduced in the latest installment of Modern Warfare.

Nevertheless, the acquisition brought to light many internal details at Activision. Reports around the merger further confirmed a Modern Warfare sequel was a reality.

Now, Infinity Ward seems to be ready to drop more details about this title!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Infinity Ward Social Medias ‘Going Dark’ Ahead of Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward updated its social media today, revealing the first teaser of Modern Warfare 2.

The developer changed its Twitter image and did the same with its Instagram while removing all posts on the latter.

This image leads to nothing at first. However, with some tweaks on the brightness and sharpness, a vague silhouette of who seems to be Ghost can be appreciated.

As fans know, Ghost is quite a prominent figure in the franchise.

It is uncertain what involvement this character could have with this bit of information. Mainly because this story would continue the narrative kickstarted in 2019 Modern Warfare.

Some time ago, rumors already suggested an official Modern Warfare 2 teaser could drop soon. Furthermore, today a new leak hinted that a Modern Warfare 2 reveal could happen on May 30.

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Ghost Teaser Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Infinity Ward

Even if these dates end up not being entirely accurate, this tease by Infinity Ward is enough assurance that a Modern Warfare 2 teaser could be around the corner!

Leaks of the game have been rampant lately! Leakers revealed that a CoD Modern Warfare 2 DLC could include many remastered maps.

Infinity Ward Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Instagram

The popularity of the franchise has certainly not declined! A few days ago, Modern Warfare 3 was the most viewed game on Twitch. This demonstrates how much hype this franchise still has.

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