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Infinity Ward Confirms Infinite Stim Exploit Will Be Fixed

Warzone is currently plagued with issues, but Infinity Ward promises that at least the infinite Stim exploit is getting a fix.

Right now, playing Call of Duty: Warzone is a real effort. Finally making your way to the game’s final ring, only to realize that someone is cheating with infinite Stims is certain to put a downer on anyone’s mood.

Infinity Ward is looking into the recent issue, but it seems that it’s taking quite some time to fix. Already, the company has been working on a new patch for nearly 24 hours, with no solution in sight.

The Infinite Stim Problem

Call of Duty: Warzone currently has an easily-performable bug that allows players to use infinite tactical equipment. Whether you’ve got grenades, Stims, or anything else, you’re able to keep using the equipment endlessly.

(Source: Activision)

The glitch is easy to perform and has spread like wildfire. Now, when you’re dropping into a game of Warzone, there’s a decent chance that at least one player is taking advantage of it.

The biggest issue comes from the infinite Stim glitch, which Infinity Ward is eager to solve. By using the game-breaking bug, a player can survive endlessly in the gas.

When their health begins to drop, they simply use the infinite Stim exploit to stay alive. Then, it’s a simple waiting game as the ring finally closes on the last honest player.

Since this glitch went mainstream, more and more players are taking advantage. Now, Warzone is basically unplayable due to users exploiting the broken mechanic.

Infinity Ward Promises a Fix Is Coming

Replying to user on Twitter, Infinity Ward assures fans that the development team is aware of the issue.

A number of hours later, the company again posted officially, regarding the infinite Stim exploit. The developer claims to now have a fix that’s in testing and will soon be rolling out to players.

Many users are unhappy at just how long it’s taken Infinity Ward to come up with a solution. Given that they could have just temporarily removed Stims from Warzone, as they did with vehicles when a game-breaking bug was found, we can understand the upset.

Now, as we approach 24 hours of Warzone’s infinite Stim exploit being active, a solution is at least coming soon. What’s remarkable is that this isn’t even the only time that the Stim has been causing issues.

In the past, this exact same issue has occurred when Warzone’s Season 6 subways broke the game. And given the new issues of Warzone streamers reverse boosting to ruin tournaments, Infinity Ward really needs to up its game.