Infinity Ward has addressed changes they plan to make for MW2 for launch after receiving plenty of feedback during the beta.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta was a huge success, with the MW2 Beta being one of the biggest in Call of Duty history.

However, plenty of fans have had feedback for the developers, even setting up a petition for the return of the classic mini-map in MW2.

Thanks to the player’s feedback, though, Infinity Ward is addressing some of the issues that fans are mentioning for the full launch of Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Developers Share Some Changes Coming to Launch

Infinity Ward addressed some of the feedback for the MW2 Beta in a recent blog post on its website and plans changes in the following aspects of the MW2 Multiplayer:

  • Visibility
  • Disbanding Lobbies
  • Footsteps Audio
  • Weapon Performance
  • Third-Person Camera Shoulder-Swapping
  • Battle Map Bugs & Invasion AI
  • Anti-Cheat Solution Adjustments
Modern Warfare 2

Visibility Changes

The muzzle smoke during the Modern Warfare 2 Beta was already reduced between weekends, but Infinity Ward is looking to address visibility further by tweaking increased enemy visibility.

The developer expects these tweaks to result in better visual tracking of opponents.

While many fans want to have red nameplates for enemies, it seems that Infinity Ward is actively avoiding this if it can by exploring other visibility options.

Disbanding Lobbies

Another change made during the Beta was the disbanding of lobbies between weekends of the MW2 Beta, but the developers are still looking for potential solutions for this ahead of launch.

The developers are actively looking for solutions to make lobbies stay together between matches.

Modern Warfare 2 Soap

Footstep Audio

Another aspect Infinity Ward intends to tweak is the footstep audio by continuing to balance enemy/friendly footsteps before launch.

This was a major source of complaint during the Beta, which Infinity Ward is changing more before launch.

Weapon Performance

Infinity Ward stated it plans to roll more weapon tuning adjustments based on the weapon performance observed during the MW2 Beta.

Despite the developer expressing its content with the weapon tuning that was implemented in the second week of the MW2 Beta, more changes will be arriving once the game launches.

Third-Person Camera Shoulder-Swapping

The developer plans to make some adjustments to refine the camera shoulder-swapping on the Third-Person playlists.

This mode received positive reviews from the community. Nonetheless, many complained about the camera swapping in this mode.

Battle Map Bugs & Invasion AI

There are plans to correct many bugs present in the Battle Map modes, and some improvements are already in the works for the AI navigation in Invasion.

Infinity Ward thanked fans for playing as it helped identify all these issues in these game modes.

Anti-Cheat Solution Adjustments

The developer did not make it clear what adjustments are coming to RICOCHET, but clarified some actions are on the way to combat cheating in the upcoming weeks.

These are the only changes from the MW2 Beta that Infinity Ward made note of. There was no mention of the red dots on the mini-map.

Overall, the team was happy with the feedback for Invasion, Ground War, the weapon tuning, and the Third-Person Playlist.

Despite some negative feedback, many fans were hoping for another weekend of the MW2 Beta. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to wait until launch.

Infinity Ward did reiterate that some players will be able to get to play the campaign before others! Here’s how to unlock MW2’s campaign early.