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Industry Insider Warns Fans About Upcoming Xbox Bethesda Event

An upcoming Xbox event, also involving Bethesda, may not be all it seems according to one often reliable industry insider.

The Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda is done and dusted and the changes are already starting to happen. Bethesda games are already starting to appear on Xbox Game Pass, and according to a new leak; more are coming soon.

It’s an exciting time, but there’s also still a lot of confusion and concern about what will happen going forward.

PS5 owners are especially on high-alert, wanting to know if some of their favorite franchises will continue to appear on Sony consoles. Or will they need to invest in an Xbox Series X/S if they want to enjoy the likes of Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Doom?

bethesda acquisition xbox microsoft

As we’ve said many times before; Microsoft bought Bethesda/ZeniMax to turn some of their titles into Xbox exclusives. Not only was this apparent from the start, they recently admitted as much.

But the good news (for PS5 owners) is that they’ve also stated they’ll honor existing agreements between Bethesda and Sony. At least two major upcoming Bethesda games will still be PS5 exclusives.

Upcoming Xbox / Bethesda Event This Month?

According to recent reports, Microsoft is planning on holding a special event later this month to address their plans for Bethesda and beyond. The event is said to be an Xbox Games Showcase. Both the 23rd and 26th of March have been touted as potential dates.

Microsoft is yet to confirm either, but that hasn't stopped us speculating about what games could make an appearance. We also think it may be an excellent time for Microsoft to confirm which Bethesda games will become Xbox exclusives going forward.

Of course, they’ve said that not all Bethesda franchises will head in this direction. But it’s clear that a number of them will.

However, industry insider Jeff Grubb has poured cold water on this theory, telling fans, “Don't get hyped for the March 26th Xbox event". Grubb may know something we don’t, which has been the case before – but he didn’t elaborate further.

Grubb made the comments on the Xbox Era podcast, which you can find below. He claims the event will occur on the 26th of March 2021 and will just feature minor game updates and announcements.

We’ll have to wait and see if he’s correct and if the event takes place on the 26th or three days earlier, as another insider claims.

Until then, a new Xbox Games Pass tease suggests more exciting new games are coming soon. Industry insiders also predict that Ubisoft+ will join with Xbox Game Pass in 2021 at some point – which would be a real game-changer if true.

Leaks suggest that Microsoft is working on a new portable console. But take this rumor with a pinch of salt until we know more.

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