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Increasing PS5 and Xbox Series X Stock May Finally Be Beating Scalpers

While progress is slow, the signs point to increasing PS5 and Xbox Series X stock may gradually end the scalper threat.

First of all, let’s confirm that the threat of scalpers is still very real, and PS5, Xbox Series X/S stock is still incredibly low. A next-gen console is still very hard to come by, but there are signs that things are steadily improving.

Efforts to battle scalpers have ramped up across the board; consumers are becoming less tolerant - and savvier in their efforts to secure one. But retailers and even politicians are looking for ways to combat scalpers.

Various retails have implemented ways to battle scalpers while the UK government is trying to ban retail bots. Something they successfully managed to do for concert ticket scalpers.

Not to mention all the trolling efforts various absolute heroes have done to scalpers!

But now, it appears there may be more evidence that the scalpers are losing the way. According to multiple subreddit threats and social media posts, next-gen stock has been spotted on shop shelves – although still sold quickly.

This suggests that scalpers failed in their efforts to secure that stock and may be struggling to find it elsewhere too. In fact, as PS5 and Xbox Series X stock becomes more readily available, scalpers will find it much harder to do what they do.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Restock at Gamestop (2)

PS5 and Xbox Series X Stock Is Key To Beating Scalpers

Buyers won’t need to turn to them and pay their inflated prices. So in time, scalpers will end up with a load of next-gen consoles they can’t sell. Costing them money in the long run.

As we know, both Sony and Microsoft are ramping up production of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2021. More and more restocks are coming.

Mass distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines will also help the world recover. This will allow Sony and Microsoft to produce stock to meet the demand aggressively – and scalpers will get left behind.

This has already started. Just last week, in the UK alone physical PS5 game sales increased by 324%. This suggests that more people have managed to secure a PS5 and are buying the games they want.

It also suggests that sales of PS5/game bundles have increased, something which also helps battle scalpers. This is because scalpers tend to avoid bundles, not wanting to purchase games they have no use for.

As we said at the beginning, PS5 and Xbox Series X stock is still low, and scalpers remain a threat. But the sands are shifting. And that’s a reason to be cheerful.

The best place to keep updated with all of the PS5 stock drops is our UK PS5 Stock Tracker. It'll let you know when the PS5 goes on sale at all of the major UK retailers.

Today UK retailer Argos have had their restock confirmed after overcoming their own concern about scalpers.

Alternatively, readers in America can use the US PS5 Stock Tracker to see all of the stateside PS5 restocks. There's even a new restock today!

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