In Season 4 of Warzone, players can anticipate a wealth of new content, along with substantial gameplay changes such as a noticeable increase to the base health of players.

This much-anticipated adjustment will address the ongoing problem of time-to-kill, which has been a concern among the Warzone community.

Moreover, the Strongholds in Warzone are undergoing a transformation as the developers remove AI soldiers, while also implementing several other modifications to these Al Mazrah locations.

Health Increase Coming in Warzone Season 4

The Warzone developers are increasing the base health from 100HP to 150HP, confirmed by content creators who had an early playthrough of Season 4.

With this change, players will be able to have a maximum HP of 300 when wearing full armor. This adjustment is expected to be well-received by gamers who have consistently advocated for alterations to the time-to-kill.

Warzone player putting on a plate for increase in health

AI Removed From Stronghold & More Changes in Warzone Season 4

According to the sources, AI soldiers will no longer spawn around Strongholds. Additionally, Strongholds will now be available at the start of every match.

One of the critical aspects of capturing a Stronghold is the UAV ping in the surrounding areas. Previously, only one team had the ability to activate this radar, and players were unable to see the locations it was pinging.

In Season 4, players will also have the ability to recapture Strongholds. Furthermore, enemies in close proximity will have visibility of the UAV radius.

Finally, inactive Strongholds will be visible on the map. This allows you and your squad to easily find and open those white supply boxes containing high-tier loot.

However, AI will still spawn at Blacksites, making it that much tougher to take down the Juggernaut.

Warzone 2 Strongholds AI
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