Warzone players are calling for visibility improvements when facing up against Operators using Incendiary Rounds in close-quarters combat.

Imagine this: you are fighting another player, but due to the gun your opponent is using, you are unable to see exactly where they are moving. It certainly sounds like a frustrating thing to happen.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening in the game now. So, let’s dive into the complaints and showcase precisely why gamers want this significant change.

Incendiary Rounds Cause Poor Visibility in Warzone

The Incendiary Rounds are causing visibility issues for Warzone players whenever they come up against an Operator using them in close-quarters combat.

The biggest problem comes from those using the Dragon’s Breath slugs on shotguns. As you can see in the Reddit clip shared below, when user Klubhead begins to shoot at the enemy, they soon lose track of exactly where they are.

The visuals from the Incendiary Rounds entirely hide the position of the player using them. It makes it extremely difficult to maintain accuracy.

This issue is even worse for Keyboard and Mouse users, as those on the console will be aided with aim-assist even if they can not see the opposing player.

Warzone Incendiary Rounds causing Visibility issues

This Reddit user replied, saying it feels like you are being flash-banged constantly due to the poor visuals when this happens.

byu/Klubhead from discussion

While user billabong2121 says that they could reduce the effects of the Incendiary Rounds if they think there is a place for them in the game.

“If they’re so obsessed with making them strong at least make it so you can see when fighting against one. When they shoot there’s like hundreds of sparks.”

Meanwhile, another says it is almost impossible to fight up close against these weapons.

byu/Klubhead from discussion

One thing the developers can do, as billabong2121 stated, is reduce the visual effects these weapons display.

At close range, shotguns are already extremely powerful, and there is no need for them to provide any more advantages.

Whether or not this gets addressed remains to be seen, but the developers have been tight-lipped when it comes to this issue.

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