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Impossible Warzone Challenges Still Include Removed Bounty Contracts

Warzone might not have had Bounty contracts in the game for some time now, but completing them is still necessary for some impossible challenges.

Although Infinity Ward has seen to it that Bounty contracts have been removed from the game, it seems the developer still wants them completed. In a strange oversight, Warzone players are still being asked to complete the impossible contracts.

Warzone’s Daily Challenges aren’t often the most fun things to complete. A series of objectives that reset every 24 hours, the tasks aim to give players a reason to open Warzone.

(Source: Activision)

However, there are some challenges that are now just impossible to complete. One such objective requests that players complete 4 Bounty contracts.

Of course, this task is going to prove a little more difficult given that Bounties are no longer in Warzone whatsoever. Thanks to a game-breaking bug, Infinity Ward saw fit to remove Bounties from the battle royale, and they’ve been gone for quite some time.

How to Complete Bounty Contracts in Warzone Right Now

Despite Bounty contracts’ removal from Warzone, players are reporting that this challenge isn’t as impossible as you might think. In fact, the new Most Wanted contracts will act as a makeshift Bounty.

If this is true, a player could simply find and resolve Most Wanted contracts to trigger this mission’s completion. Of course, activating Most Wanted is a high-risk, high-reward activity.

(Source: Activision)

Doing so makes you the target of every player in the area, revealing your position on the map. Should you manage to survive though, all your dead teammates will re-deploy for free.

Completing the daily mission in this way is possible, but certainly much harder than Infinity Ward anticipated. Perhaps Bounties will return soon, and that’s why the developer hasn’t bothered to adjust the task roster.

It has been almost a week since Bounty contracts got removed from the game, and players are getting restless. Some users are reporting that, without Bounties, they’re growing tired of Warzone altogether.

The contracts do help keep the battle royale moving, and their absence is leading to a slower game in general. Perhaps this is a big part of why players are having less fun in Warzone Season 6.

Despite Warzone fans calling for Bounty contracts to return, Infinity Ward is staying quiet for now. The developer is likely working on other major issues too, and it’s clearly a difficult bug to fix.