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Images of the PS5 might have been Leaked – Including UI and New Controller

It’s not long to go now until the PlayStation 5 console is officially released, but players still haven’t seen many details in action.

However, as we get closer to launch day many small details will be officially announced or leaked. We have already seen retailers getting ready with placeholder boxes.

A Reddit user by the name of u/bjki1107 has provided us with 5 new images. It appears to show the PS5 console pulled to pieces with various components laid bare.

We stress these images are unconfirmed, but have not been debunked yet. If they’re fake, the user has gone through a lot of trouble and expertise to make them.

Reddit Post via u/bjki1107

We start with the out plastic casing of the PlayStation 5, detached to show various clips and markings. What could be a removable side panel has been removed to reveal, what looks to be the fan in image 3.

The display stand looks as expected as seen before, but demonstrating the possibility of laying the console horizontally and attaching beneath.

Black PS5 Controller & UI

The 4th image is the most revealing by far. It shows a black PS5 controller, which could also hint to a black console coming later down the line.

This isn’t a surprise but we don’t expect any further edition’s to be released soon. Sony is clearly struggling with the current stock, many retailers are warning customers of PS5 console delays leading to delivery long after the release date.

In the background, it appears to show the new user interface, with presumably identifiable details blocked out.

The login screen shows 2 default users within circular icons, on top of what looks like a moving ‘orb’ type background.

Reddit User u/wsb_BernieMadoff

The leaker appears to be having a conversation in Russian, which apparently translates to:

Person 1: “And why does Sony need a double camera? Is that for two users, each one connects to different Bluetooth?”

Person 2: “No, it’s like a double camera in mobile phones”

Person 1: “Portrait mode?”

Person 2: “Yep”

If real, it confirms a current feature of the DualShock 4 is coming to the DualSense. This is where players can boot the console holding down the home button and waiting for a beep.

However, the boot was surprisingly slow which would contradict rumoured PS5 features. It took 10 seconds to reach the logo screen and a whopping 22 seconds to reach the login screen.

As always, until PlayStation confirms this you should take it with a pinch of salt. It certainly looks credible, but this example may not be indicative of speeds and functions when the PS5 releases.

According to evidence online, this isn’t the only thing we might see early. PS5 games could be releasing before the console does in many countries.