Call of Duty veterans will remember the iconic audio of the original MW2 back in 2009. A new leak has now showcased sounds that will take these players back to those times.

Many gamers will have fond memories of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and with this latest leak, it will undoubtedly be a throwback.

MW2 2009 Audio Bundle Sounds Leak

A new leak from ModenasHD on Twitter has shown that the original Challenge and Rank-Up audio from MW2 2009 is in the Modern Warfare 2 game files.

Unfortunately, according to the leaker, this throwback audio will be behind a paywall as it will release as part of a bundle in the COD Store.

Additionally, reliable leaker HeyImAlaix posted a clip showcasing the Lachmann Sub leveling up. The short video features the old-school audio from MW2 once the gun reaches a new level.

Sadly, those who already have these weapons at their maximum level will be unable to hear the OG rank-up audio.

Call of Duty confirmed in their recent Season 3 Reloaded blog post that they will include the Lachmann Sub and an assault rifle as part of the audio bundle.

Speculation has now arisen among fans that the throwback audio will only be for the weapons within the upcoming bundle.

MW2 Soldiers running

Modern Warfare 2 Fans Upset With Audio Pack

Keen-eyed fans quickly noticed that the audio pack would only include sounds for two weapons, leaving them disappointed that not all weapons would be included.

This received a lot of attention on Reddit, with one player concluding that it was not worth their money.

This letdown was shared across the community, with players expecting every weapon to be included.

This user believed his enthusiasm for the audio bundle was misplaced because the sounds appeared to be offered individually.

Recently it seems the developers have been getting a lot wrong regarding their microtransactions. Most notably, DMZ players have shared their dissatisfaction at what looks to be pay-to-win bundles.

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