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HusKerrs Wants NICKMERCS Warzone Drama to Come to an End

Quite possibly the biggest drama in the Warzone community may soon come to an end, after HusKerrs addresses the NICKMERCS controversy.

HusKerrs and NICKMERCS are two of Warzone’s biggest content creators, and it’s clear that the duo don’t see eye-to-eye. Over the last few months, the two streamers have been at each others’ throats over an ongoing Warzone feud.

HusKerrs and NICKMERCS Drama Explained

In case you missed it, the drama first began when HusKerrs and NICKMERCS faced off in a Warzone Duos kill race tournament. NICKMERCS’ team with Swagg hosted the first game, and HusKerrs’ team was meant to be allowed to host the second.

Unfortunately, due to Warzone’s big issue with cheaters and stream snipers on PC, the tournament match had some issues. However, HusKerrs and partner Symfuhny were unwilling to let Nick host the second match, despite the user being on PS4 (and therefore having a lower chance of encountering these issues).

huskerrs nickmercs beef
(Source: HusKerrs)

After that, the two began to take jabs at one another on streams. HusKerrs even called NICKMERCS a manbaby after the streamer unfollowed him on Twitter. NICKMERCS, on the other hand, apparently prevented HusKerrs from playing in games with him and mutual friends like TimTheTatman and Cloakzy.

Later, HusKerrs would attack NICKMERCS’ tier list placement, calling the top Twitch streamer “dogsh*t at Warzone” with “the reaction time of a f*cking walrus.” Of course, NICKMERCS had a few choice words of his own for one of Warzone’s top earners.

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NICKMERCS vs HusKerrs Drama Coming to an End?

Now, HusKerrs wants to put an end to the NICKMERCS beef, after a recent development.

According to HusKerrs, the user posted a personal selfie with another person on Twitter and was shortly thereafter bombarded with harassment from the NICKMERCS community. Allegedly, one of NICKMERCS’ Twitch mods, his graphic artist, and many followers left nasty comments on the post, directed at both HusKerrs and the woman in the photo.

NICKMERCS was quick to address the situation, calling out his followers for harassing someone in this manner. However, on the same stream, the FaZe Clan member also mentions that he strongly believes that “you reap what you sow.”


“I don’t feel bad for that m*therfucker at all,” NICKMERCS states. “Not even for a second. Listen, he needs to learn man. Keep your f*ckin mouth shut.”

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Despite Nick calling on his MFAM followers to apologize to the woman in the post, he certainly doesn’t want anyone doing the same to HusKerrs.

HusKerrs Calls for a Truce With NICKMERCS

This situation caused HusKerrs to write a detailed post on Twitter, calling for the drama between him and NICKMERCS to end.

“I don’t hate Nick and I never have. I’m not out to get him,” HusKerrs confirms. “There is literally no good reason for me to have bad blood with him. I was very frustrated with how things happened and spoke up about it. We both could’ve handled it differently, but at the end of the day this needs to be squashed because I’m tired of constantly dealing with hatred and toxicity.”

As of right now, NICKMERCS is yet to respond. Hopefully, these two Warzone fans can finally put the drama to rest and get along in the future.

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(Source: Activision)

After all, as HusKerrs smashed the Warzone Solo Duos world record earlier this year, it’d be great to one day see a team-up between the two players. That said, it’s safe to say that won’t be happening any time soon.

NICKMERCS isn’t just beefing with HusKerrs, however. The Twitch streamer also shut down G2 Esports in a recent Twitter feud.

Meanwhile, the Twitch streamer just delivered his best Warzone class yet, with NICKMERCS’ ‘Aimbot’ Grau loadout in Warzone Season 3.

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