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HusKerrs Labels NICKMERCS a “Manbaby” Following Warzone Feud

Two of Warzone’s biggest streamers are going head to head in a recent feud that pits HusKerrs against NICKMERCS.

With a highly competitive game like Warzone, not everyone is going to be getting along. That’s certainly the case with NICKMERCS and HusKerrs, who have something of a rocky relationship.

The Warzone beef began around 5 months ago, following a major tournament that both streamers attended. In the pre-game lobby, the two allegedly fought over hosting privileges.

In theory, the user hosting the Warzone tournament may have better connection to the match in general, which is why HusKerrs and teammate Symfuhny took issue with NICKMERCS trying to host two tournament games.

huskerrs nickmercs beef twitter
(Source: HusKerrs)

According to HusKerrs, NICKMERCS reasoned that his hosting would be better for avoiding Warzone’s huge volume of hackers. Being a console player, NICKMERCS has less to worry about when hosting a lobby, although cheaters are present on console too.

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However, as HusKerrs and Symfuhny took the hosting privileges, it caused major tension between the team and NICKMERCS. And this was likely only made worse by NICKMERCS and teammate Swagg’s defeat in-game.

HusKerrs Calls NICKMERCS a Manbaby

In a recent Warzone stream, one viewer suggests that HusKerrs plays with NICKMERCS. However, the Twitch streamer is far from receptive to the idea.

“Nick has beef with me because [of] a tourney that was five months ago,” HusKerrs told his audience.

The user went on to state that NICKMERCS “was a f*cking manbaby and cried about it” after losing the host privileges.

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According to HusKerrs, this interaction led to NICKMERCS unfollowing the user on Twitter shortly afterward. That’s why the streamer has no issue voicing his feelings towards one Warzone’s biggest faces.

nickmercs warzone feud huskerrs

“I would say that to his face,” HusKerrs continued. “Bring him in my Discord, I don’t care. Literally clip it and send it to him.”

As of right now, NICKMERCS is yet to respond. However, we doubt that this is going to turn into a name-calling match.

Right now, NICKMERCS is taking a break from Warzone tournaments thanks to in-game issues. However, perhaps when the user makes his return, the two players can face off once more.

Just last month, HusKerrs broke the Warzone world record for most kills in a Solo Duos match. It’ll be interesting to see if NICKMERCS can take him down.

Of course, few people know the battle royale like NICKMERCS does. The user is known for finding the best weapons in Warzone and sharing them with fans.

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