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HusKerrs Attacks NICKMERCS in Warzone Tier List Reaction

HusKerrs and NICKMERCS are two Warzone streamers that don’t get along, and the former seems dedicated to letting the whole world know it.

When two streamers don’t get along, it’s always a source of drama. But this is particularly the case when one of them is going out of their way to attack the other.

In a recent stream, Warzone pro HusKerrs attacks NICKMERCS while live on Twitch. While watching a fellow streamer rank Warzone’s best content creators, HusKerrs takes issue with NICKMERCS’ ranking.


And his latest comments are certain to continue the duo’s long-running feud. After HusKerrs called NICKMERCS a manbaby in a recent stream, the Warzone pro continues to berate his fellow streamer.

HusKerrs Calls NICKMERCS Dog Sh*t at Warzone

When watching Aydan rank Warzone creators into a tier list, HusKerrs labels NICKMERCS ‘Dog sh*t’ at the battle royale.

In his broadcast of a Warzone streamer tier list, Aydan places HusKerrs at the tail end of S tier. But when it comes to NICKMERCS, the user ends up near the end of B tier.

Despite this placement, HusKerrs doesn’t believe the user is ranked low enough.

“NICKMERCS is literally dog sh*t at Warzone bro, how the f*ck is this guy in a B?” HusKerrs questions.

NICKMERCS HusKerrs Aydan Tier List
(Source: Aydan)

Following up on this statement, the streamer goes on to state

“This dude is like 38-years-old and has the reaction time of a f*cking walrus. Like, how are you in a B?”

The clip has already been linked to NICKMERCS several times on Twitter, but the 30-year-old streamer isn’t biting back.

NICKMERCS’ Response to HusKerrs’ Insults

NICKMERCS did, however, respond to a user being banned from HusKerrs stream without ever having commented.

As the Twitch follower is told that their ban was from HusKerrs personally and would stand, NICKMERCS responds “This man called me a man baby. Holy f*ck.”

nickmercs warzone feud huskerrs

The popular streamer also responded to another user who called NICKMERCS childish for unfriending HusKerrs following a tournament feud months back.

“The problem is I think you’re assuming we were friend to begin with. I mean friends of friends? Maybe yea. But nothing more than that really. Chill out, chief. It’s all gravy.”

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NICKMERCS also responded to one of HusKerrs fans on Twitter, who was protecting the streamer from comments about his physical stature

NICKMERCS calls out HusKerrs for starting this drama and then playing the victim the second anyone returns the favor.

We’re certain that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of the NICKMERCS/HusKerrs dispute. But NICKMERCS can stir the pot himself, judging by the streamer’s recent fight with G2 Esports.

Of course, there’s a difference between a friendly bit of banter and a personal attack live on stream.

In other recent Twitch drama, one streamer was banned for allegedly threatening to break his child’s neck on stream.

And streamer 4Conner is quitting Twitch after being exposed for racist Discord messages.

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