Players are being teleported before dying in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 due to an unfortunate glitch that has appeared since the latest patch.

It is connected to hurdling, a mechanic that allows players to leap over fences and other short objects, as it seems to exclusively happen whenever players hurdle.

This comes not long after another beloved weapon in Fortnite was removed for having a game-breaking glitch that saw players win every game!

The glitch seems to occur when players use the hurdling feature. However, Fortnite occasionally makes players hurdle when they’re not near a wall or fence, causing the glitch to happen anyway.

Multiple instances of this glitch have been reported on Reddit. Fans have shared clips on the site of being teleported and then unceremoniously killed.

Another glitch spotted includes being shot into the air and out of the map, forcing you to drop to your death.

Fortunately, one player got around it by using one of the incredibly handy augments in Fortnite. So, make sure you know what each one does to avoid dying to these glitches.

It is worth noting that this hurdling glitch was present prior to the recent patch. It is only causing issues now because hurdling has just been added back into Fortnite.

Is the Hurdling Glitch Fixed in Fortnite?

No, the hurdling mechanic in Fortnite has still not been fixed. While a recent patch added it back in after being vaulted, it seems to have not addressed its core issues.

However, it has now been officially disabled and is no longer doable in-game. This offers a temporary fix, as with it gone, players should no longer experience the glitch.

If the glitch is affecting you negatively and is preventing you from enjoying Fortnite, you can always refund any purchases you made in the Item Shop.

When Will the Hurdling Glitch Be Fixed in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, there is no clear date as to when hurdling will be fixed in Fortnite. However, the Fortnite Status Twitter account has announced that hurdling has been disabled.

It will likely be fixed within the next few weeks, on either Tuesday, January 17, or Tuesday, January 24, in the v23.20 update. However, even then, it isn’t guaranteed to happen.

Fortunately, in the meantime, you can test out the brand-new overpowered Guardian Shields that will significantly change the way you play Fortnite.

We will update this article with new information when the hurdling glitched is fixed.
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