Items in FC 24 fall into two categories: tradeable, those you can sell on the market, and untradeable, those you can’t part with for a profit. It’s a feature that has changed the way we approach the game.

The ability to keep your club fully untradeable has led to an influx of players simply saving up their coin balance. It’s a strategy that, at its core, puts more focus on SBCs rather than grinding to purchase the higher-end player items.

This brings us to the question: is it better to remain liquid, building up your coin balance, or should you dip into the market and secure the best players for your dream team?

More Focus on Untradeables

Over the last few years of the FIFA series and now into FC 24, there has been a gradual shift into putting more focus on untradeable items.

This results from combining things within the game, including more Objectives, SBCs, and the option to get more rewards by taking untradeable Division Rivals packs.

There has been a clear focus from the developers to emphasize untradeable packs and items within the game. Furthermore, even specific store packs, such as the promo “Foundation” packs, are all fully untradeable.

Untradeable Foundation pack in FC 24

Objectives Offering More Untradeable Packs

The Milestone Objectives are among the major factors in untradeable teams and clubs being more popular. In this Objective tab alone, players can earn up to and over 1,800,000 coins value in untradeable packs.

These come in the form of some of the biggest packs in the game. Here is how many of each pack you can get from Milestones:

  • 6 Rare Players Pack – Valued at 50,000 coins
  • 4 Rare Mega Pack – Valued at 55,000 coins
  • 9 Jumbo Rare Players Packs – Valued at 100,000 coins
  • 3 Ultimate Pack – Valued at 125,000 coins

If these packs were made tradeable, it would have significant consequences for the Transfer Market. Picture millions of players gaining access to high-value, tradeable packs. With the influx of items, the market would experience a crash, sending prices plummeting.

Untradeable 100k pack from Milestones FC 24
Untradeable 100k pack in Milestones

Untradeable Items From SBCs

Additionally, the sheer amount of player SBCs contributes to players running fully untradeable teams. When a user completes an SBC, they are less likely to replace this player as they can’t sell them.

For example, let’s say in your team, you have SBC Trailblazer Rodrygo. You would likely find it harder to take him out of the squad as you spent a lot of fodder and value on completing it.

However, if you had bought that item from the market, there would be a higher chance that you eventually get a new player for that position as you can get that value back.

Untradeable Player SBCs FC 24
Untradeable Player SBCs

This is also a good way for EA to incentivize players to purchase FC Points. If a popular player in the game releases as an SBC and a user does not have the coins or fodder to complete them, they may decide to buy FC Points.

This would be due to the SBC only being around for a limited time, making it hard for FUT gamers to grind towards the item.

Another thing to note is that in recent years, EA Sports has made the Advanced SBCs offer untradeable rewards. In the past, these were a great way to build up an early bank of coins.

However, now, with these packs being untradeable, they are simply just stocking gamers’ clubs. The move to make these SBCs untradeable came from a large portion of the community creating “SBC accounts.”

These users would create new profiles, complete the Advanced SBCs, sell the items, and transfer the coins to their main account.

Untradeable SBC Rewards FC 24

Untradeable Division Rivals Rewards

In FC 24, players can compete to earn rewards from Division Rivals. The level of packs or coins you receive will depend on your Division and if you got 3 or 7 wins that week.

When rewards are released, the user will have a choice of three reward options:

  1. Tradeable packs.
  2. Untradeable packs but twice as many as Option 1.
  3. Untradeable packs, but you receive coins instead of double like Option 2.

In theory, players will be much more inclined and tempted by the prospect of double the packs. Additionally, the option for the untradeable packs and coins is more appealing than the potential gamble of the tradeable ones.

Division Rivals Rewards options

In our opinion, Option 1 is the worst selection. This is due to you relying on luck to gain high-tier rewards. For example, the tradeable Division 1 rewards for winning seven matches have a value of 170,000 coins.

However, if you do not hit anything noteworthy, you will only receive around 22,000 coins back in terms of discard value. This is how much the items will be if you remove them from your club without selling them on the market.

By selecting the second Option, you increase your chances of hitting something big due to more packs being opened.

While in Option 3, you guarantee that you increase your coin total and still get to have the chance of a big pack pull.

Due to these two options being much more appealing, clubs in Ultimate Team are more likely to be stocked with untradeable items.

Although you would not be able to sell any of the items from these reward options, they will be useful for future SBCs. With the game striving towards more player SBCs, the more items you have, the cheaper they will be to complete.

Division 1 Untradeable Rewards in FC 24

Benefits of Being Untradeable in Ultimate Team

There are three main benefits to remaining untradeable in FC 24 Ultimate Team:

  1. You will not lose coins on players in your squad.
  2. You will keep a healthy balance of coins and fodder for SBCs.
  3. You can still have a competitive team.

1. You Will Not Lose Coins

One of the most significant risks in FC 24 when holding tradeable items is the potential to lose a decent chunk of your coins.

For example, Raphael Varane is one of the most meta items in the game. If you bought him one week ago, from the time of writing, he would have cost you 86,000 coins. However, if you held him for your team, you will only be able to sell him for 60,000 as we write this.

This is now a 26,000 coins loss before EA Tax. For those who do not know, EA Tax is a 5% cut from any sale you make in the game.

Based on market trends in previous games, it is highly likely his price will continue to drop. Throughout the game cycle, Rare Golds gradually drop in price as better and more meta items are released.

However, if you remained untradeable, you would have kept the value of that 86,000 coins. That 26,000 coins could have been used to complete an SBC or to trade on the Transfer Market. As you from the graph, the item is slowly declining in price.

Varane FUTBIN graph
Credit: FUTBIN

2. Keep a Healthy Balance of Coins

By remaining untradeable and not dipping into the market to pick up items, you will retain a healthy balance of coins.

You may ask what the point of holding a lot of coins is. Well, by only using untradeable items, you can rack up tons of coins, which you can save to purchase the rare, highest-tier, and more permanent meta items.

Take, for example, ICON Ronaldo. This player is incredibly rare and expensive. He is much less likely to drop in price because he is difficult to obtain. Even if he does fall in price, he will remain one of the best items in the game up to the launch of FC 25.

The item’s rarity is clearly shown on the market. At the time of writing, only 6 ICON Ronaldo’s were available.

Ronaldo on the FUT Market

3. Still Have a Competitive Team

If you are worried your team won’t be as good by staying untradeable, do not worry, as due to the sheer amount of packs on offer to earn for free, you can still get an incredible team.

For example, here is our team, which is majority untradeable and from putting no FC Points on the account besides the 4,600 pre-order bonus. Only Courtois was bought on the market.

This team can keep up with the current crop of meta items in the game. As the game cycle continues, we can improve it with future SBCs or players packed with untradeable rewards.

Untradeable Team

Negatives of Being Untradeable in Ultimate Team

The three most significant downsides to going with an untradeable team in FC 24 are:

  • If a player falls out of the power curve, you will not be able to sell them to recoup some value.
  • Reliance on rewards.
  • More time needs to be put in.

1. No Resell Value

The most significant negative of going untradeable is that you can not sell the item once it no longer fits your squad or the game’s meta.

As an example, take the Trailblazer Rodrygo SBC previously mentioned. In a few months, a better player or SBC is likely to come out.

If you complete it, you will no longer need to use Rodrygo, which you would have spent around 500,000 coins in fodder finishing. You will not be able to get those coins or fodder back.

No option to sell Trailblazer Rodrygo SBC
No option to sell

2. Reliance on Rewards

Of course, going untradeable, you will rely on rewards to give you high-tier players to boost your squad. If you are not purchasing players from the market, the only chance to get the meta items is from doing SBCs or getting them from untradeable rewards.

This will require a certain level of luck, but as shown before, many options exist to get highly valuable, untradeable packs.

3. More Time Needs to Be Put In

The biggest thing for untradeable clubs is that you must grind more to improve your club. You will have to do as many objectives for packs and play in all three of the modes to earn rewards.

These modes are:

  • FUT Champions
  • Division Rivals
  • Squad Battles

This will ensure that you keep increasing your coins and give yourself the best chance at constantly improving your team with untradeable players.

Untradeable VVD in FC 24

Should I Go Untradeable?

In reality, it is probably best to have a balance of having both tradeable and untradeable items in your team. From our experience, we would recommend keeping most of your team untradeable.

This means you can save your coins, keep your club stocked, and be able to complete most SBCs. This way, even if EA releases one of your favorite players or a player you want to use, you will have the coins to pick them up.

Remaining a majority untradeable will secure your coin balance, ensuring you do not lose them due to player prices dropping.

Keeping your coin balance high will ensure you have the funds to pick up those end-game players when Team of the Year or Team of the Season comes around.

Furthermore, it reduces your reliance on the unpredictable Transfer Market. While it’s essential to maintain a balance between tradeable and untradeable assets, the advantages of an untradeable focus are clear.

However, if you do not have much time to put in, then you are probably best just picking up your favorite players to use. After all, the game is meant to be played for fun, and there is nothing more enjoyable in FC 24 than using your preferred players.

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