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Huge Warzone AUG Nerf in Latest Update – Was it Enough?

The AUG has gotten a huge nerf in the latest Warzone update, but is the Tactical Rifle still overpowered?

Warzone, like all battle royale games, is all about securing the win. Therefore, players will always use the best weapon they can.

The AUG has been by far the best mid-long range weapon in Warzone since the start of Season 2. However, the latest Warzone update could have nerfed the gun into the ground.

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Is the AUG Meta Over?

The reason why so many players used the AUG was because of its ridiculous time to kill. A burst-fire weapon that had the potential to kill in two bursts at any range, the AUG was way too powerful.

This caused many players to hate the AUG meta and also be angry at the much faster time to kill in Warzone. Guns like the AUG and FFAR caused the TTK in Warzone to be twice as quick as when the game launched.

However, the latest Warzone update included a huge nerf to the AUG. Check out the full patch notes here.

But what did this AUG nerf actually do?

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best AUG setup

Warzone AUG Nerf

The change to the AUG has increased the recoil magnitude of the weapon. While it didn’t change the ridiculous headshot damage of the tactical rifle, it is a very effective nerf to the gun.

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The gun now takes much longer to recenter after shooting a burst. This means that players can’t spam the shoot button to down players at long range any more because the recoil would go up much further vertically.

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This is definitely a much bigger nerf than the one in the Season 2 Reloaded update, which players thought was one of the worst patches ever.

While the AUG will still be a very powerful gun in Warzone at mid-range, the nerf means it will now not be able to destroy players at long range any more. Check out the new recoil pattern, as tested by Xclusive Ace below.

Meanwhile, the leaked Ural Mountains Warzone map might not be releasing any time soon. This will surely disappoint many fans.

Also, the AUG nerf is a huge change that Warzone players wanted. But will it do anything to stop the FIXWZ clan tag movement?

Finally, Warzone players think that the Gulag is the worst it has ever been. Did you prefer the old Gulag?

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