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Huge Target PS5 Restock Dropping This Week, Insider Reports- July 2021

It looks like we’ve got another major Target PS5 restock dropping in July 2021 – here’s when you can buy!

It’s been almost 8 months since the launch of the PS5 back in November 2020. And despite that fact, it’s still almost impossible to get hold of a next-gen device, even with relatively frequent stock drops.

But all that could be about to change as Sony claims that the end of the PS5 stock shortage is in sight.

And with this upcoming Target PS5 restock, you’ve got another shot at nabbing your next-gen PlayStation console in July 2021.

Target PS5 Restocks June 2021
(Source: Target)

Make sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

Target PS5 Restock – July 7 – July 8, 2021

A major Target PS5 restock is coming, and it should be going live between July 7 – 8, 2021.

When it comes to PS5 stock insiders, Jake Randall is one of the best. To this day, the stock tracker has helped over 60,000 people secure their next-gen consoles with ease.

What’s more, Randall is known for having accurate information on Target stores specifically, due to inside sources. So when he claims that a major Target PS5 restock is coming this week, we’d be inclined to believe him.

Of course, Target isn’t the only retailer with a drop on the way! Check out all the upcoming PS5 restocks arriving this week, right here.

PS5 Restock
(Source: Sony)

Last week, Randall reported that Target was beginning to get a handful of PS5 consoles in each of its stores. Now, each individual Target appears to have between 6-12 units each, meaning that a pretty sizable PS5 drop is almost certainly incoming.

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With Target often dropping between 7:30 – 7:55 AM ET, Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 July are the dates to watch. But you may not have to wait for online restocks at all, as Target also has PS5 consoles arriving in-store lately!

Recently, we reported that PS5 and Xbox restocks are getting huge changes at Target. And since then, the major retailer has been one of our favorite spots to find next-gen consoles.

Don’t forget that a major PlayStation State of Play showcase is just around the corner! When the event finally goes live, we expect demand for PS5 consoles to spike once again, so it pays to find yours as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, it looks like more PlayStation games are coming to PC, so fans might not be missing out on exclusive experiences for long…

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