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Huge Queues Outside Best Buy For Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Retsock – November 15

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock has proved to be so popular that there are huge queues outside Best Buy stores across the country!

Next-gen consoles have been extremely hard to buy in the year since they were released. However, the scarcity of a standard Series X is nothing in comparison to how difficult it is to get the limited edition Halo Infinite console.

Luckily, Best Buy is holding a huge in-store Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock today. Although, getting one of these consoles might be more difficult than it seems.

This is because eager customers have been camping outside stores since last night. The lines are still very long now!

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Best Buy
Best Buy

Huge Lines & Camping Outside of Best Buy to Get a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X – November 15

A list of every Best Buy store stocking Halo Infinite Xbox Series X consoles has prompted gamers across the country to form huge queues outside their local store, all for the chance of getting a Halo Xbox.

What’s more, since we now know the Halo Infinite Xbox stock levels at every Best Buy too, this has given customers more hope of getting one. They might be disappointed though.

Twitter users have been quick to share the ridiculous length of the queue outside of their local Best Buy. Some of them even started as early as yesterday evening, with Xbox fans spending the night camping outside.

Best Buy Halo Infinite Xbox Queue
@PupTheDoggo Twitter

With not enough stock to go around, this means customers are still rushing to get in line for the chance of snagging a console. However, it may be too late – just look how long these queues are!

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Best Buy Halo Infinite Xbox Series X line
@Ej8_Ricky Twitter

If you missed out on the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock on November 15, there may still be more chances to get the console. The Microsoft Store just has a huge Halo Infinite Xbox Series X stock drop and could have another soon.

However, your best bet might be trying to get a standard Xbox Series X. After all, it looks like retailers have been hoarding next-gen consoles ahead of Black Friday.

In fact, it could be even sooner than that if Walmart’s leaked Early Black Friday restock plans are accurate. This would mean that a load of Xbox, PS5, and Switch consoles will hit store shelves very soon!

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