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Huge PS5 Restock Coming Next Week? – UK February Stock Drop

A leaker has revealed that a huge PS5 restock could be dropping in the UK this February, even as early as next week.

It’s almost halfway through February and PS5 consoles are still as hard to get as ever. The console has been out of stock ever since it came out back in November.

To make matters even worse, February has been a pretty barren month for PS5 restocks in the UK. However, PlayStation fans now have a bit of hope.

With a restock on the horizon and scalpers potentially being put out of business, now looks like a promising time to snag a PS5.

PS5 Console

PS5 UK Stock Drop Coming Soon?

A reliable PS5 restock informer has provided new information that suggests that a major UK retailer will restock PS5 consoles next week.

The informer also correctly leaked another huge PS5 restock that happened this week, so they can be trusted.

According to a new tweet from the leaker, Argos is preparing for a restock of PS5 consoles at the moment.

The leaker also claims that every Argos warehouse and hub are getting deliveries of the consoles. This shows that it could be one of the biggest restocks yet.

However, the restock will not reach all Argos stores in the UK. The leaker claims that some smaller stores won’t get any stock.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers to get updated when all of the new PS5 restocks go live.

argos ps5 restock

When is the Argos UK PS5 Restock?

The tweet doesn’t specify exactly when these PS5 consoles will go on sale. However, the leaker believes it should be next week.

Let’s hope this stock drop isn’t delayed because of the weather like the PS5 restock for major UK retailer GAME.

People should take all of this information with a grain of salt. However, @PS5StockAlertUK has been reliable in the past.

Gamers will be hoping that they can secure their PS5 in this latest restock. Apparently, there could be shortages of next-gen consoles until the Summer.

Meanwhile, a site claiming to sell black PS5s has scammed customers by disappearing after taking their money.

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