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Huge PS5 Restock at Amazon Drops With No Warning

This might have been the largest PS5 restock yet, as Amazon stealthily releases a new wave of consoles.

Now months after the release of Sony’s PS5, thousands of fans are still looking for their next-gen console. And right now, the devices are beginning to trickle out at a steady pace.

However, it appears that Amazon had more than a few PS5 consoles to restock when it dropped just now. This could be the beginning of the end for the PlayStation 5 rush.

After all, with stock becoming increasingly common, there’s no reason for PS5 scalpers to snatch up the consoles. And as much as PS5 scalpers believe that they’re doing nothing wrong, we’re excited to see them gone.

Amazon PS5 Restock – February 16

Today’s Amazon PS5 restock was a big one it appears to have dropped with no warning whatsoever. Users on Reddit actually report that PS5 stock was live on the site for at least 5 minutes total.

Whether that means that there was nobody looking at the time it dropped, or simply that there was a lot of stock to get through, we can’t be sure.

ps5 restock amazon
(Source: Sony)

But with many users getting instant alerts whenever new PS5 stock drops, we assume there were consoles to spare.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up to date information about the latest drops as they go live!

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Sadly, this new stock refresh still wasn’t enough for many fans. Several users report issues with adding the console to their cart or checking out, as the PS5 stock ran dry.

Thankfully, there are further huge PS5 restocks coming this week. You’ll have to be fast to them however, as many stock updates are gone within a minute or two.

Despite stock issues, there have still been a staggering number of PS5s sold worldwide so far. Sony is having no issue with demand, especially as more AAA titles get ready to launch on the next-gen consoles.

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Chance Murray

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Can confirm, secured mine at roughly 3:20am eastern time from Amazon. Used the “HotStock” app and received notification stock was available. Was unable to add to cart for about a minute but kept hitting the button. I recommend using the Amazon app and making sure you have payment and shipping info saved and ready to go in your account.


Tuesday 16th of February 2021

5 minutes is not huge dufus


Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Calling this a "huge" restock when it lasted a mere 5 minutes at somewhere around 3am EST while the vast majority of the US is sound asleep on a weeknight is laughable. I can guarantee that if that restock went live anytime that Americans are normally awake, it would have been gone in miliseconds like every other restock so far has been.