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Huge Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake News Coming This Week, Says Leaker

According to a popular leaker, some huge news about the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be coming before Pokemon Day, February 27th.

Pokemon fans have been clamoring for more news about the series for a while now. They’ve been expecting new game announcements for better or worse, and now they’re starting to get antsy.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Pokémania is finally starting to kick back up after Sword and Shield’s release and the things it implied about the future of the series.

After the disappointment of no Pokemon news at the long-awaited recent Nintendo Direct, fans have been wanting more. And with rumors of Diamond and Pearl‘s remakes reaching a fever pitch, it’s only becoming more intense.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake news leak
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl’s Dialga & Palkia

Ever since Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, fans have yearned for similar remakes for the 4th generation Pokemon titles. Everyone grew up with different Pokemon games, and of course, the next generation is desperate to return to the Sinnoh region on the Switch.

Well, thankfully, there could be a new announcement coming soon. And it looks to be a big one.

Huge Diamond and Pearl News Leak

According to a leak by Pokemon leaker Centro Pokémon, fans won’t have to wait for more news regarding the series’ next entry much longer.

In a tweet from Centro Pokémon, they post a gif that cycles through images of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina; the three legendary Pokemon that grace the box art for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Translated from Spanish, the tweet reads; “They won’t have to hold out until Pokémon Day on February 27 for the big news they’ve been waiting for. See you next week.”

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This is exciting news, but also, it makes perfect sense. Nintendo often announces their games and projects during the week to maximize their reach. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if the announcement came at some point earlier this week.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake news leak
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl’s Dialga, Palkia & Giratina

This is monumental news for fans, not only confirming more news on the way but suggesting that these reveals will pertain to the remakes fans have been desperate to play for years.

We’re fascinated to see what comes of the Pokemon Day reveals and if the Diamond and Pearl remakes are a part of them.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the games take, as one leak suggests the Diamond and Pearl remakes could have Let’s Go-style catching mechanics.

Plus, some new Pokemon trademarks have lead to wild speculation.

That’s not all Nintendo fans have to be excited about, though. After the recent Direct, we have exciting new information about the upcoming Splatoon 3, including details of its new weapons and game modes.

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