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Huge Modern Warfare Leak Reveals Upcoming Maps, Weapons, and Operators

There’s a new leak for Modern Warfare going around, and it seems there’s more than a little new content coming to the game.

It looks like Modern Warfare is about to get a massive update for what would have been Season 7 content. Now that Infinity Ward’s title is merging with Cold War for the new Battle Pass, we’re unsure exactly what this new content drop will be called.

Regardless, it’s a major new content install, and it’s exciting to see that Modern Warfare isn’t dying just yet. With new maps, weapons, and fan-favorite Operators on the way, this is one of the best-looking updates the game has ever had.

Modern Warfare ‘Season 7’ Leaks New Content

In a new widespread leak from reliable sources, fans learn that Modern Warfare’s new content update is on the way. This will consist of two new Operators, including the long-awaited Soap MacTavish.

Soap Modern Warfare Leak
(Source: Activision)

A second Operator, Shane Sparks, is also joining the game’s roster.

There will also be 3 new weapons coming to Modern Warfare, including the new reveal of the RAAL LMG. We’ve even seen some of the new Modern Warfare guns in action, thanks to in-game leaks.

Right now, there’s some confusion regarding the Makarov pistol in Modern Warfare. The gun will be called the Sykov, but it looks much the same as the original Black Ops weapon.

Several new maps to fight it out on are coming too, in both 2v2 and 6v6 Multiplayer matches. Killhouse and Al-Raab Airbase are coming to standard Multiplayer.

Meanwhile, Townhouse and Drainage are the new 2v2 maps players are expecting to release with the update.

When Will the New Modern Warfare Update Be Coming?

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the new Modern Warfare update will be coming. All this leaked content is reportedly coming from dataminers delving into the game’s existing files.

There’s even a video of Soap MacTavish making the rounds online, but Activision is quickly taking down any footage that gets uploaded. As with any Modern Warfare leak, the company is being fiercely protective of its franchise.

This new content has got to surface at some point, although some gamers are more skeptical.

In fact, several users believe that this content is purposefully being held back for Modern Warfare 2’s release next year. Although Modern Warfare is confirmed to have more content on the way, it’s hard to tell if this Season 7 drop will be part of that.

Right now, the focus is on Black Ops Cold War Season 1, which is tying the franchise together. We already know when Cold War and Warzone Season 2 will release, but we have little knowledge about upcoming Modern Warfare content.

Regardless of which game you enjoy, Call of Duty players will be able to enjoy some Double XP this Christmas.

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