Players jumping in to MW2 for the first time have found the movement to be rather slow after some huge nerfs to the bunny hop and drop shot!

Movement skills are integral if you want to win in any Call of Duty game. Although, it looks like MW2 is limiting how effective advanced movement can be.

In previous COD games, the bunny hop, where you jump multiple times while firing, and the drop shot, where you crouch and go prone while firing, were great ways to avoid incoming fire while taking down enemies.

However, both of these classic advanced movement skills have suffered from pretty huge nerfs. This is in addition to the massive slide cancel change in MW2!

Modern Warfare 2 Bunny Hop Nerf Explained

The bunny hop is much less powerful in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer as there is now a much longer delay between your jumps.

This essentially stops you from bunny hopping as the jumps are much further apart than they were in previous COD games.

Instead of bunny hopping, we recommend you just do a single jump into gunfights to throw off your opponent’s aim.

Also, be sure to throw in a few jumps to put off enemy players too, but multiple jumps in a row may not be the most effective way to move any more.

To make jumping and springing easier, be sure to use the best controller settings in MW2.

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Modern Warfare 2 Drop Shot Nerf Explained

Drop shots take a much longer time to do in MW2 which means that they are much less effective.

As it takes significantly longer to crouch and then prone from standing while shooting, this makes it a lot easier for enemies to shoot you while drop shotting.

While drop shotting can still be useful in certain scenarios, it’s much less powerful than in the previous COD games. Therefore, this is a skill that you should use less as it could end up causing more deaths!

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Best Movement Skill in MW2 Multiplayer

The best movement skill in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer at launch is the melee trick to reset your Tactical Sprint.

This is likely a glitch but, until Infinity Ward fixes it, it will be the fastest way to get across the map. This is because it lets you be at your top speed for the longest amount of time.

Let’s hope that Infinity Ward changes the bunny hop and drop shot mechanics in upcoming MW2 updates. Otherwise, many players will continue to be disappointed.

To take your skills to the next level, you’ll need some powerful weapons as well as skill. Here’s how to unlock every weapon in MW2 multiplayer.

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