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How Warzone Streamers Have Zero Recoil – Aim Settings, FPS & FOV

YouTuber P4wnyhof has revealed exactly why it looks like Warzone streamers have zero recoil – and it’s a combination between quite a few things.

Controlling recoil is important in any FPS game, but it’s even more important in Warzone. With such high stakes and gunfights at long ranges too, controlling your recoil is key.

Luckily, YouTuber P4wnyhof has revealed how Warzone streamers have zero recoil – so you can too!

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How Do Streamers Have No Recoil in Warzone?

Even if plenty of Warzone streamers use a VPN to get easy lobbies, they are still some of the best players in the world. However, this doesn’t explain why it looks like their weapons have no recoil.

Yes, they are highly skilled and can control the recoil of many weapons, but that isn’t the only way they have ‘zero recoil’, according to P4wnyhof.

Firstly, the most important factor that reduces the visual recoil of a weapon is a high frame rate. This smooths out the jumps after every shot fired and helps you stay on target.

You’ll want to know how to play Warzone at 120FPS on PS5 or check out the best PC performance settings for Warzone to make sure you’re getting the highest frame rate possible.

Warzone Season 5

Next, Field of View also contributes to the ‘zero recoil’ look of streamers’ gameplay. Most streamers have a huge advantage by playing on PC with a much larger FOV.

Have a look at the PC vs console FOV differences in Warzone if you don’t think it makes a difference.

The larger FOV also makes your weapon seem to move less and, therefore, look like there is no recoil. Unfortunately, this option is only available to PC players as Activision has said that an FOV slider won’t be coming to console versions of Warzone.

Last, but certainly not least, Warzone streamers have the right sensitivity settings for them. This means that they can be super accurate and aren’t fighting against their controller or mouse to control recoil.

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And those are the top tricks that Warzone streamers use to reduce their visual recoil. Make sure to give these a go if you can – they’re sure to improve your game!

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Comments 8


Stop cheating muppets

Wednesday 8th of September 2021

What an utterly retarded article, fov, mouse sensitivity and frame rate and any other BS you want to add to normalise the fact that a huge majority of top streamers bloody cheat its really pretty sad


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

And with that comes ppl reporting you for cheating and you getting soft banned. Or worse


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

What a bunch of bs frame rate only affects tgeir streams you watch not the killcams because that's from ur settings gov could make it less visual bit tge other settings hes talking about are extra stuff they have on the PC that arent actually in the game. Irreguardless if you have no recoil on a weapon that hops around your a cheater but raven is basically allowing this to go on ya u can reduce recoil visually but when there is zero recoil your cheating plain and simple trust me tgis is coming from a guy who has more warzone wins than anyone menyiined in the article


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

That and aimbot....


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

@Tom, cronus max or Zen mostly.


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Nice big old article to completely not tell the real way to get zero recoil, which is engine owning,or other cheats. Fps? Really? Why then do I still have recoil at 200fps and 120 fov? The Same as on my console at 80fov lol. One because I don't hack, 2 Because this article is full of it.