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How Warzone Streamers Get Easy Servers, No SBMM With a VPN

If you were wondering how your favorite Warzone streamers get such easy servers, look no further than this VPN trick.

Warzone has a cheating problem that extends far beyond simply aimbots and wallhacks. Even some of the game’s biggest content creators are likely cheating in the battle royale – albeit just in a different way.

Players have had their suspicions for months and now we finally have confirmation that it’s incredibly simple to get easy Warzone servers with a VPN. Using a newly-revealed method, players can bypass their local servers and SBMM for incredibly easy matchmaking.

Of course, this still isn’t as bad as Warzone hackers being able to ricochet bullets now. However, it calls into question all Warzone Kill Race tournaments, as players can simply find an easier lobby at will.

(Source: Activision)

These Warzone streamers were even called out on cheating SBMM in an easy lobby recently. But it looks like pretending to be a bot in Warzone is just as effective when it comes to getting easy lobbies.

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Warzone VPN Exploit Finds Easy Lobbies With No SBMM

According to new evidence, using a VPN in Warzone will not only allow you to find easy lobbies but also ones without SBMM.

Skill-based Matchmaking is an unpopular feature in Warzone, and the cause of a great deal of controversy. But by abusing this VPN exploit in Warzone, players can remove their own SBMM, and head into ridiculous lobbies.

It seems that changing your region using particular VPNs will cause Warzone to place you in easier lobbies, dropping the hard SBMM in favor of finding you a decent connection. According to content creator JaredFPS, using the exploit will lead to users getting the same ping as usual, despite playing on a different country’s servers.

(Source: Activision)

What’s more, you can even close the VPN changer and keep your connection to the server. This allows players to hide the software on their Task Manager if called out.

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If you’re wondering why the Death Comms for your favorite streamers are all in a foreign language, it could be that they’re abusing the Warzone VPN exploit for easy games.

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To prove that the method works, dataminer CallofDutyHope tried out the VPN strategy and managed to drop 55 kills with only one other teammate almost immediately. The Cheeseburger Boys member referred to his experience as playing against kids with no thumbs.

We’re not going to be revealing the software in question here, although it’s available for those who search hard enough. However, Jackfrags recently revealed how to beat Warzone SBMM and get easy games!

It’s no wonder that Drift0r, who found this method a few months back but didn’t want to reveal it to the public, claims that Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore. There’s also a new Warzone easy money trick giving players fast cash, but this one isn’t all that it seems…

Meanwhile, there’s a new way to track your SBMM in Warzone!

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This is a great piece of information. I use Ivacy for my gaming needs. Is there any provider that you think will work well for Warzone?