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How Twitch Streamer Ludwig has Survived a 9 Day Subathon

Twitch streamer Ludwig has been participating in a huge subathon on his channel, keeping him on stream for days. Here's how he's been able to keep fit.

Ludwig may have been popular beforehand, but his huge subathon has been a huge benefit to the Twitch streamer.

The streamer leaped to immense success playing one of 2020's biggest games and has only been growing since.

A subathon is a type of event that many Twitch streamers are participating in. It commonly sees an entertainer remaining on a stream for their fans for an extended period of time.

In the case of Ludwig's streamathon, the Smash Bros pro has been adding 15 seconds to his ongoing stream for every sub he receives. Not only has this made the streamer a lot of money, but it's also made him hugely popular on the platform.

How Ludwig Survived subathon
Ludwig, live on Twitch

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But, many fans have been worried that such a streaming event could lead to the detriment of Ludwig's health.

Luckily though, he's offered an update on his health, and confirmed that all is well so far.

How Ludwig's Stayed Healthy During Subathon

Ludwig has been streaming for nine days straight so far. And given his sub-count, it looks as though he'll still be going in at least 45 hours' time.

Many fans have worried about his health during this stream but he is reassuring his huge base of followers that he's doing well.

During the stream, he brings up the topic of keeping on top of his health while remaining live.

"Just a quick update, physically, just built a bit f***ing different", he starts. "As far as mental, I have slept 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 7, 8 hours every single evening. I've been able to work our four of the days. On the days where I didn't work out, I walked at least half a mile in the sun to get some Vitamin D."

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How Ludwig Survived subathon
Ludwig, live on Twitch

He continues to discuss his health at length, and how he's still able to eat three full meals a day. He says that his voice was "a little bit shot at the beginning", but was able to power through it with some cough drops.

It's good that he's been able to catch his fans up, especially as there are so many of them. During this huge subathon, Ludwig has become the biggest streamer on Twitch, which is certainly no small feat.

He was also in the headlines for another reason not too long ago, too. Ludwig was one of the few streamers left online during the immense Texas storms.

Here's hoping he can keep the positive attitude up as he powers through the remainder of his subathon. At the time of writing, he still has 45 hours left on the clock, so he's not out of the woods just yet.

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