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How to Win Warzone Solo Matches Easily Using This Tactic

This tactic will help you win loads more Solo games of Warzone.

Warzone is all about being the last man standing. As well as gun skill, a Warzone winner also needs to have a good game plan.

Solos are possibly the most difficult Warzone mode as you’ll lose with one tiny mistake. However, this Solos tactic gives you the best chance of winning.

Best Tactic for Warzone Solo Matches

The easiest way to win Warzone Solo matches starts with hopping in a truck. Yes, it’s a cheap tactic, but if you’re purely going for Solo wins, it’s the best thing to do.

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Trucks are especially good in the early game when many players haven’t picked up any explosives yet. This means that it is extremely difficult for players to kill you.

Plus, you can run over enemies quite easily in the truck. Hitting an enemy with a truck is an instant elimination if they don’t have a self revive.

Just be careful you don’t get run over by your own truck like this toxic Warzone player did to lose the game.

warzone solo

Next, you’ll want to get a loadout with a sniper rifle to pick off enemies from afar. Getting into gunfights that could go either way is a bad tactic in solos.

This is the best Warzone Loadout for Verdansk and will help you win solo in Warzone. Snipers can also find out how to use high-zoom scopes with on glint in Warzone.

You can explore the map while staying in the truck until you spot other players. If you want to kill them, you can either hop out and snipe them while using the truck as cover, or you can run them over.

You can even use your truck very effectively in the final circle to see out the solo wins in Warzone. They can be used aggressively to run players over or as great cover from oncoming fire.

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Keeping your distance is a good tactic. Especially considering that there are wallhackers in almost every Warzone lobby at the moment.

Cold War Warzone sniper

Should Trucks be Removed from Solos?

Trucks aren’t overpowered in squads modes as a team of four players will easily be able to destroy a truck quite quickly. However, they can give players easy wins in Warzone Solos and are way too overpowered.

Trucks are so powerful that some players have even asked to remove them from Solos. Even with C4 or Semtex, it is still very difficult for one player to destroy and is very overpowered in this mode.


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A Warzone leaker also predicts that the second bunker doors could open in Warzone soon. This could be linked to the new Warzone Easter Egg that is teasing Nova 6.

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