The ultimate goal of Fortnite: Battle Royale is to be the last player standing for the Victory Royale. But doing so is not as easy as it sounds.

Fortnite is a highly competitive battle royale where players are dropped onto a map and fight to find weapons and gear that will lead them to victory.

This guide will help you understand the fundamentals of Fortnite and how to use them to your advantage in every match. Once you’re through with it, Victory Royale will be a daily occurrence no matter where you drop in Fortnite.

Fortnite Gliding

How to Win Victory Royale in Fortnite

To achieve a Victory Royale in Fortnite, you need to place yourself in a position where you can defend yourself from attacks and push other players. These tips will help you achieve this:

  • Plan Your Drop From the Battle Bus
  • Use the Storm Circle In Your Favor
  • Learn The Storm Circle Phases & Damage Ticks
  • Avoid the Hot Drops When You First Start
  • Obtain Loot Quickly & Balance Your Inventory
  • Gather Enough Building Materials for Multiple Encounters
  • Use the Items Scattered Around the Map to Your Advantage
  • Interact with NPCs & Learn All Their Uses
  • Use Foraged Items & Campfires for Quick Heals
  • Use the Fortnite Compass to Improve Your Rotations
  • Always Move Around & Avoid Camping in One Spot
  • Use a Reboot Van to Reboot Your Team
  • Form a Party & Play With Friends
All the tips in this guide have been tried and tested within Chapter 3 Season 4, Paradise.

Plan Your Drop From the Battle Bus

Make sure you’re planning where to drop ahead of time to gain an advantage right from the start of the Battle Royale or Zero Build match:

  • Where you drop has a significant influence on how the rest of your match will play out. If you drop in the middle of nowhere, you’ll spend the first few storm circles searching for a single item to help you survive.
  • If you drop into a known hotspot, then you risk running into multiple battles at the start of a match.
    • It’s also very likely that you’ll get met by a third party during your fight.
    • This means that while you and another team are in a battle, a third team comes in and attacks you while you are both weak.
    • Usually, this team is fully shielded and is trying to take advantage of your low shields and so knowing where you’ll be dropping while inside the Battle Bus is incredibly helpful.
  • Sometimes you might drop at a place far away from other players, but then the Storm Circle will manifest itself far from your location.
    • This means you’ll need to cut your looting time short or risk losing to the storm.

Another way you can better prepare yourself to move around Fortnite island is by learning how the Storm Circle functions.

Fortnite Battle Bus

Use the Storm Circle In Your Favor

You never want to be caught in a bad position when the Storm Circle is closing. You can, however, position yourself in a way that you can use the storm to your benefit by:

  • Forcing enemy players to run into the storm when you fight close to the end of the circle
  • Getting a great spot inside the circle before the storm closes and picking up players that enter the circle late
  • Running into the storm to avoid a fight
    • If you know that it isn’t dealing too much damage and can see a quick exit, then absolutely use the storm as a defensive mechanism

The Storm Circle makes the battle area smaller so that players engage with each other more often. If any player is caught inside the Storm Circle, they will slowly lose health until they are eliminated.

Here is a table that details the different phases of the Storm Circle and how much damage it may cause to the player.

Learn The Storm Circle Phases & Damage Ticks

Storm PhaseTime Before It TriggersTime Storm Circle ShrinksDamage Per Second
11 Minute1 Minute1 health per second
21 Minute 30 Seconds5 Minutes 30 Seconds1 health per second
32 Minutes2 Minutes2 health per second
41 Minute 30 Seconds1 Minute 30 Seconds5 health per second
51 Minute 20 Seconds1 Minute 10 Seconds8 health per second
650 Seconds1 Minute10 health per second
730 Seconds1 Minute10 health per second
80 Seconds55 Seconds10 health per second
90 Seconds45 Seconds10 health per second
100 Seconds1 Minute 15 Seconds10 health per second

Here are a few tips on how the Storm Circle works:

  • First Storm Circle begins 1 minute after the Battle Bus completely crosses the Fortnite map.
  • “Time Before It Triggers” refers to how long it will take after the current Storm Circle stops shrinking before the next Storm Circle begins to shrink.
  • Phase 10 of the Storm Circle envelops the entire island.
  • You can always bring up your map, and it will show you what Storm Phase you are in and all the information.
  • Your lobby will always receive a warning when a new Storm Circle is forming, along with a countdown right under your mini-map.
Fortnite Storm Circle

Once you have an understanding of the Storm Circle and why the Battle Bus is such an important part of Fortnite, you’ll want to get familiar with items around the island.

Avoid the Hot Drops When You First Start

A Hot Drop is an area in Fortnite that many players will land on when the game first starts, either because of its popularity or because of its loot pool.

“Hot Drops” in Fortnite will prove difficult when aiming for a Victory Royale in Fortnite because:

  • These hot drops usually will require you to defeat 2-3 teams before you can safely sort through your spoils. Yes, it’s great for grabbing high-level loot early. But it can be difficult.
  • It’s better to observe where you are dropping. If you see too many players around you, then chances are you’ll need to prioritize a weapon and survival.
  • Pick a drop where you don’t see other gliders, and you’ll be able to prioritize looting and your rotations.
  • Hot drops are frequented by some of the best players in the game. Dropping in them before you get a proper understanding of the game is one of the worst things you can do.

If you’re still unsure of where to drop, then here is a useful guide with all the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Obtain Loot Quickly & Balance Your Inventory

Here are some important tips to help you find loot a lot more quickly and manage your inventory more efficiently:

  • Keep a steady inventory of weapons and consumables. Too much of either, and you’ll either be stuck with no way to fight or no way to heal.
  • Drop into one of the named locations in Fortnite.
    • These are easy to distinguish on your map due to the large name above them.
  • Every building in named locations will have at least one chest. These chests have various items that will help set you up for encounters.
  • Speak to NPCs. They will always drop an item the first time you talk to them. You’ll also be able to purchase items from them.
    • Usually, the items they sell are Epic or higher.
  • Use a Tent to store any extra Legendary or Exotic weapons you may have. This way, you can drop near the tent in the next game and quickly pick up a Legendary to start the game.
  • Try to keep an even ratio of weapons and consumables. If you have too many weapons, then you won’t be able to survive back-to-back fights, which often happen in Fortnite.
  • If you see a Loot Llama or Supply Box out in the open and interact with them, they will drop a variety of items for you to use.
    • Loot Llamas will run away when you start to damage them or get near them. Try to destroy them quickly, or they will disappear.
    • Supply Boxes will appear on the map for everyone. So be sure to check your surroundings before opening one.

Also, ensure you know the current best weapons for Fortnite. Every season is different, so it’s good to stay in the know of what’s valuable and what’s been vaulted.

Gather Enough Building Materials for Multiple Encounters

To gather building materials in Fortnite, you need to walk up to any of the structures around you and pick axe them.

If they can be destroyed, they will show a small circle. Continue hitting this circle to quickly break down the structure.

Once it is destroyed, it will drop materials that players can pick up. Players can easily farm trees and buildings to quickly build up their resources.

Use the Items Scattered Around the Map to Your Advantage

There are items in Fortnite that will give players an edge over their enemies and allow them to develop unique strategies for each encounter, including:

  • Chests
    • Chests hold consumables, building materials, weapons, and sometimes some epic utility items that can completely change the tide of battle.
  • Ammo Boxes
    • Ammo Boxes in Fortnite are the easiest way to replenish your ammo quickly. When you pick up a weapon, it usually has minimal ammo. So opening a few ammo boxes along the path will go a long way.
  • Tents
    • Tents are used to store materials between matches. You can place any item here and pick it up on your next game. The tent will be wherever you last left it.
  • Fishing Pole
    • It might be weird to go fishing mid-match, but it has some great benefits. Fishing poles will allow you to fish out various consumable fish and weapons.
  • Wood/Stone/Metal
    • These are your building blocks in Battle Royale. Wood, stone, and metal are what you use to build in Fortnite.
    • It would be best if you always had a decent supply of each in your inventory. Building is fundamental if you want to obtain Victory Royale.
  • Vehicles
    • The Storm Circle moves fast, and sometimes it can catch you off guard. Thankfully, there are different vehicles around the map that you can use to quickly make your way into the safe zone.
  • Gold
    • Gold is used to purchase different items around the map from Vendors and NPCs. You can find it when you eliminate a player, from chests, or even randomly scattered around the map.

These might change as the season progresses, and sometimes limited items are added because of a special collaboration. Check out every collaboration in Fortnite history to see what sort of items have been added in the past.

There are also many consumables that will help you outlast your opponents and even gain some special abilities.

Consumables & Useful items

  • Consumables
    • Consumables include healing items, shields, and other mobility-enhancing items.
    • It would help if you always looked to have at least one healing item and one shield with you. Healing doesn’t take much time and can make a difference in a battle.
  • Ranged Consumables
    • Ranged Consumables include items you can throw for effect. Grenades and Shockwave Grenades are helpful to gain distance between your enemies or finish them off in creative ways.
  • Utility Items
    • Utility Items in Fortnite allow players to move around the map differently in a number of ways. In the past season, we’ve seen Port-a-Forts throw up a structure.
  • Seasonal Items
    • Every season that are certain items that will change the dynamic around the island. It’s important to make note of these items and learn what they do.
    • This way, you can counter the items or use them to your advantage.

Interact with NPCs & Learn All Their Uses

There are various NPCs scattered around the map in Fortnite that can assist you in many ways:

  • Purchase items
  • Complete special quests
  • Hire the NPC as support to help you get your Fortnite Victory Royale
    • They will fight for you and heal you when you are down
  • Fight them and loot their drops
  • Speak to them to complete the Characters tab in your Fortnite Collections
    • The Collections tab in Fortnite features all the different NPCs and FIsh that you can find during the current season
Fortnite Items

Use Foraged Items & Campfires for Quick Heals

Players will also encounter different foraged items and campfires that will provide them with healing, shields, and sometimes a mobility boost.

Foraged items are consumables you can eat to gain a small boost. Use these when you’re in a fight to quickly heal up without needing to use your more valuable consumables.

Foraged items in the current season include:

  • Apple
    • Heals 5 HP
  • Mushroom
    • Restores 5 Shield
  • Cabbages
    • Heals 10 HP
  • Corn
    • Heals 10 HP
  • Nom Boxes
    • Contains an assortment of foraged items.

They can be found scattered through the island, and you can choose to consume them immediately or hold them in your inventory.

We recommend just using them the moment you pick them up since they are not worth having in your inventory.

Use the Fortnite Compass to Improve Your Rotations

Use the compass at the top of your screen to position yourself properly, and set yourself up for one of the following strategies:

  • This compass will flash red lines to signal where enemy players are fighting.
    • Keep an eye on your compass and note the direction that the shots are coming.
    • If the shots are coming from a central location, then chances are other teams also heard them.
    • Either move towards them and flank in to defeat them while they’re mid-battle, avoid them completely, or wait until one party defeats the other and swoop him to finish them off.
  • Keep an eye on your map and the Storm Circle timer. Always allow yourself plenty of time to get into a safe zone and position yourself.
    • If you wait too long, then you might get caught by a team that waits for teams that wait near the Storm Circle’s edge.
  • Try to rotate along the circle’s edge. If you are too close to the center, then you are more prone to getting into multiple fights without rest.
  • Always look for high ground in your area. The high ground will allow you to have great vantage points, observe enemy players, and head for cover quickly.

Once you have a general idea of rotations and how to use the Fortnite compass, you’ll be able to put them to use more efficiently by knowing the different ways you’re able to move around the Fortnite map.

Fortnite Map Gliding

Always Move Around & Avoid Camping in One Spot

There are various ways that players will be able to rotate around the Fortnite map to obtain a Victory Royale, including:

  • Vehicles
    • These are the fastest and most efficient ways to get around the island of Fortnite. If you find yourself too deep into a Storm Circle, then a vehicle is the surest way to reach the safe zone.
    • You’ll find them in most town locations and gas stations.
    • Vehicles can be outfitted with different mods to improve their damage to buildings and ability to traverse the terrain.
    • Players can fix vehicles using a Repair Tool and fill them up with gas at any Gas Station.
  • Ziplines
    • There are zip lines scattered throughout the island that will allow you to reach high-ground areas relatively quickly.
    • They’re helpful in a pinch and should be used to sneak up on enemy players but never to push them. They’ll be able to pick you off a zipline pretty easily if they know where you are.
  • Rifts
    • There are rifts scattered around the map that you can use to instantly teleport to one of the rifts in the sky and reposition yourself.
    • These make a loud noise, so if you use when then you’ll give away your position to other players.
    • The Rift-To-Go is a consumable that does the same function as a rift but without as much noise.
  • Limited-Time Items
    • Eventually, there will be items limited to each season that are added to provide a new way for players to move around the map.
      • For example, the Ballers in Chapter 3 allow players to have a quick machine that can roll its way to places other vehicles wouldn’t be able to.

Sometimes the Fortnite map might be a little different because of an ongoing live event. Check out all of the Live Events Fortnite has to see what you have missed and what might be coming soon!

Even after learning all of this, there may still be times when one of your squad members goes down. Thankfully, Fortnite has a pretty nifty mechanic to help you bring them back into the game.

Use a Reboot Van to Reboot Your Team

  • If you were unable to revive your teammate in time, they will drop a Reboot Card.
  • You’ll have 90 seconds to grab this Reboot Card, or it will disappear, and you will be unable to revive your teammate.
    • All you need to do is walk over the Reboot Card, and it’ll be added to your inventory.
  • Once you have your teammate’s Reboot Card, you’ll need to locate a Reboot Van.
    • Reboot Van’s will be visible from the Fortnite map as a blue power icon.
    • Your teammates can ping the nearest Reboot Van while they are eliminated.
  • After you’ve located the Reboot Van, you’ll need to interact with it to reboot your teammate. Here are a few things you should know:
    • You’ll need to interact with the Reboot Van for 10 seconds straight to successfully reboot your teammate.
    • Your teammate will drop with just a basic weapon and no shields. Be sure to drop some items for them, so they aren’t left vulnerable.
    • When you reboot your teammate, the Reboot Van will emit a loud sound and shoot a blue beam into the air. This will draw in enemy players, so be sure to leave quickly.
    • There is one Reboot Van located at every named location on the Fortnite map.
    • Once a Reboot Van is used, its needs to charge for 60 seconds before you can use it again.

Now that you’re done with the basics, you’ll be able to consistently use all the tools Fortnite offers you to obtain Victory Royale on a consistent basis.

It’s also important to know what the best weapons are in Fortnite. You can check out these guides to help you:

Fortnite Reboot Van

Form a Party & Play With Friends

Another great way to obtain a Victory Royale in Fortnite is to form a party and play with friends. Here’s how:

  • Head to your in-game friend list.
  • Click the name of the friend you want to invite to your game.
  • Select “Invite to Party,” and it will send them an invite.
  • Now all they need to do is accept, and they’ll join your party.
  • You can invite up to three friends.

Forming a party in Fortnite will also allow you to level up your battle pass more quickly due to the party bonus players are given!

Every Mode with Victory Royale

Battle Royale and Zero Build are the two different modes in Fortnite in which players can achieve Victory Royale.

Both modes take place on the island of Fortnite, which goes through constant changes as each season progresses.

Battle Royale

The original Fortnite Battle Royale mode supports 99 players and features the power of building to defeat your enemies and be the last player standing.

You and 99 other players drop into the island of Fortnite and fight to obtain the best weapons and positions.

In this mode, players can gather materials and build structures to help them eliminate their enemies.

You can choose to play Solo, Duos, Trios, or Quads. Battle Royale allows up to three other players in your party.

Battle Royale Fortnite

Zero Build

Zero Build takes all the fundamentals of Fortnite Battle Royale and replaces building with enhanced mobility mechanics.

This mode will push players to find the absolute best weapons and positioning without needing to build their resources.

It’s a mode that caters to players that would focus on the core gameplay rather than the building aspect of Fortnite.

Now that you know what each mode is about, here are some things you’ll see across both modes.

Like Battle Royale, you can play Solo, Duos, Trios, and Quads. You can bring up three friends with you to the Battle Bus.

Zero Build Fortnite