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How To Win Royal Fumble In Fall Guys

Royal Fumble can be an incredibly frustrating final in Fall Guys.

It is a fairly large and complex level for the small amount of players which can trigger this final.

To win this game you have to be the player with the tail when the timer runs out. One random player starts with the tail, but holding it this early is not always an advantage.

Royal Fumble Strategy

Royal Fumble is a complete free-for-all. To win it requires you to implement a clever strategy.

It is complete random who starts with the tail, but your first job is to find out who's got it. To save time you can spot it on the game preview when the camera pans round.

Royal Fumble lasts for 2 minutes, so grabbing the tail too early and avoiding players for the full 2 minutes is unrealistic.

Obtaining The Tail

You can pretty much do what you want for the first minute, learn the players most common routes so you know what you're up against.

Assuming you're not 1 v 1, use the other players to force the tail carrier towards you. Wait for an opportunity where the carrier is forced into a bottleneck.

Cut the player off and use the grab button R2 on PS4 and Shift on PC. If done correctly, you'll become the tail carrier.

Keeping The Tail

Keeping the tail for a significant amount of time is the hardest part of Royal Fumble. As soon as you grab it you should have a second or so to get away.

There are several features of the level you can use to your advantage.

  • Ramps - These offer several getaway routes, including turning back on yourself if nobody is chasing you.
  • Rotators - They can speed you up for a big jump in any chosen direction.
  • Moving Ramp - The moving ramp can boost you down, or if you want to be unpredictable you can slowly walk up it.

Remember, each feature you can use to your advantage also provides hidden danger. Jumping from heights or on to moving objects can cause you to fall over, this is when you're most vulnerable in this level.

Royal Fumble Video Walkthrough

Royal Fumble Tips

Here are the key points to become a more efficient Fall Guys Royal Fumble player:

  • Turn on name tags so you can easily see hiding players.
  • You can dive and grab the tail in one quick motion.
  • Don't worry about grabbing the tail too early.
  • Don't chase directly behind. Use the other players to push the tail carrier towards you and cut them off.
  • Make a quick getaway when you get the tail.
  • Use the ramps and rotators, but be careful not to fall over or be hit by the swings. If the other players are waiting for you to jump off, stay up there until you're forced to move.
  • Use unpredictable routes and don't corner yourself in anywhere.
  • Defensively jump and dive as a last resort to get away from other players. Delaying the dive (as shown in the video above) can save you from falling over.
  • Remember you can also walk up the steep purple walls and moving ramp, a player following will be just as slow.

Following this guide should help you get more wins on Royal Fumble. If you're against 5 other players it's going to be difficult, but the level is big and complex enough to work your way through whilst keeping your tail.

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