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How To Win Jump Showdown In Fall Guys

There are several secrets on how to win Jump Showdown.

It is a harder variation of the Jump Club level and is a final in Fall Guys.

For a relatively simple level there are a surprising number of tips and tricks on how to win Jump Showdown.

Players must avoid the rotating beams to be the final one standing, with a twist. The floor panels gradually fall away until there are only 2 left.

Jump Showdown Strategy

There is only one main strategy for Jump Showdown, it's to make sure you're not jumping above the golden baton at the same time the upper baton is coming round.

That may sound out of your control, but it isn't. However, if the 2 remaining panels are split far apart, sometimes there will be situations which are almost impossible to survive.

The first thing you need to be aware of on this level is the floor, luckily you do get plenty of warning with them shaking before they fall.

As each panel falls, you should constantly move to the side with the most remaining panels.

Center yourself on these remaining panels, this will give you excellent positioning to anticipate the next drop.

Jump Showdown Strategy Diagram 1
Optimal position based on the remaining tiles.

As you can see, in this example one side has 4 and the other has 2. The maximise your odds of being on one of the final 2 tiles you should move round to the center of the largest side.

Jump Showdown Strategy Diagram 2
Moving round to the middle of the larger side.

The red cross shows where you should move to. During this early positioning you have to be constantly multi-tasking to jump the batons at the right time.

Occasionally the smaller side will end up as the final remaining tiles, in which case you will have to make a jump and dive from a specific area.

Jump Showdown Strategy Diagram 3
Jump from the edge on the inside.

Use the jump and dive as a last resort, but if it's required always do it from the position shown on the image. This makes sure you are jumping the shortest possible distance.

Timing the baton movements during this jump is essential and you must be ready to instantly get back to your feet for another jump.

By this point the batons are moving round much faster. Positioning on the remaining tiles is vital, being towards the outer edge will give you more space.

Jump Showdown Strategy Diagram 4
The outer edge clearly provides more jump space.

At this point all you need to be aware of is both batons coming round at the same time.

Jump Showdown Strategy Diagram 5
The Red Batons showing where the batons will end up if you move.

When the big baton comes round at the same time as the smaller one, this is the biggest risk to being eliminated. Both batons will create a block which is almost impossible to get through.

Move back to the red cross and due to the different speeds of the batons, by the time both come there will be plenty of space to jump. This can happen once every few jumps.

At this point to win Jump Showdown it will become rather repetitive until one is the last player standing. Your job is to wait for the others to make a mistake. You must keep persevering with the strategy.

Jump Showdown Video Walkthrough

Jump Showdown Tips

Here are the key tips on how to get the win on Jump Showdown. Remember, this is a final round and winning this level will get you the crown.

  • As the tiles fall, stay on the side with most tiles.
  • If it's even, stay on the side with least players so they don't get in your way.
  • Stay central on your side ready to adjust as the next tile falls.
  • If you need to jump and dive across, do it on the corner of the inside. Minimising the distance you need to jump.
  • Be patient and wait for others to make a mistake.
  • Only grab as an absolute last resort, it's likely to work but also a big risk to eliminating yourself as well.
  • Stay towards the outside edge of the tile to maximise your jump space.
  • Be ready to adjust your position on the tile when both batons sync and come round at the same time.

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Jump Showdown Glitch

Jump Showdown has been temporarily removed due to a glitch which can pretty much guarantee the win. It's planned to be added back in within the next week as the next hot fix is rolled out.

Patch Notes for a Hot Fix released on Fall Guys Twitter.

Here's a video of the glitch in action:

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