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How To Win Hex-A-Gone in Fall Guys

Hex-A-Gone is one of the hardest finals to win in Fall Guys.

The number of levels and huge number of possible routes gears this level to more skilful players. You can by no means guarantee a win, but the tips below can hugely increase your chances.

Hex-A-Gone is arguably one of the funnest finals in Fall Guys. You are completely in control, with just the hexagons and other players to worry about.

The aim of the game is to be the last player standing above the slime. Falling through the final level of hexagons into the slime will eliminate you.

Hex-A-Gone Strategy

There are several different strategies to win Hex-A-Gone. Both of the main strategies can devastate the field and secure another crown.

Strategy 1

This first strategy is arguably the riskiest.

It involves purposely dropping through the levels to reach the very bottom blue level. In this example the player eats up the tiles from the middle, gradually circling their way towards the edge.

This is in the hope that by the time the rest of the players fall down to the final level, there will be little to land on and they'll end up eliminated in the slime.

Hex-A-Gone Strategy 1 Video Walkthrough

This player was fairly lucky, the other players didn't play it particularly well and you can usually angle your camera down to make sure you land on a full area of tiles.

The players who did manage to land on the bottom floor tiles ate them up too quickly and made some simple unforced errors.

However, if a high risk strategy is for you then this is more than capable of paying off to win you the crown.

Strategy 2

This strategy is quite the opposite to number 1. It involves the player staying as high as possible at all times and being very methodical in the level drops.

This strategy involves a mixture of offensive running and defensive hopping.

Offensive running eats up the tiles fast, but it can cut other players off to isolate a level to yourself.

This can lead into using the defensive hopping strategy where you simply go as slow as you can. This will outlast your opponents and keep as many hexagons unused and ready to jump on.

Hex-A-Gone Strategy 2 Video Walkthrough

As you can see, the player combines both offensive running and defensive hopping to win with ease. This is probably the best known strategy out there, leaving the result down to your judgement and the performance of other players.

There are times where you have to concede that the level you are on no longer has a future. At this point you should use the camera angle to look down and judge a jump to a suitable path.

Hex-A-Gone Tips

We have already gone through 2 specific strategies but there are some important tips to make use of on any Hex-A-Gone final you find yourself in.

First and foremost, don't concentrate on the very top floor. The top floors have less tiles and you could just be setting yourself up for a bigger fall.

Concentrating on the floors two or three below the top is the best place to start getting really competitive. As a rule of thumb, clearing out the middle whilst leaving 2 or 3 escape routes around the outside is best practise.

This will increase the chances of players falling through and give you plenty of tiles to survive on.

Key Tips

  • Stay as high as you can.
  • Manoeuvre the camera angle to plan your drop on a solid route.
  • Use offensive running to cut players off and build an isolated route.
  • When you cut players off, do it in a way that gives yourself a clean route out.
  • Defensive hopping can significantly reduce the amount of hexagons used, giving you more time.
  • Jumping and diving can get you over 2 missing hexagons. Be sure to hop instantly as you land otherwise you'll fall through to the next level.
  • Don't give up even if you have just a few tiles left. Players can make a mistake or fall at anytime.

Advanced players can use a high risk method to speed up elimination of other players. Grabbing players the right way will make them freeze and fall through.

The grab should be for minimal time and you should be ready to jump or dive right after to make sure you don't fall through with them. This can be highly effective but only use it if you think the risk is worth the reward.

If completing a successful grab would give you a whole floor to yourself, defensive hopping on the whole floor could just seal you the win.

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