Xbox fans finally have a workaround to get their Wrap-Up 2022 Year in Review stats despite Microsoft not offering an official one.

While Sony and Nintendo emailed their fans and presented them with a nice wintery holiday-themed email linking to their gaming year in review, Microsoft notably missed the party.

Fortunately, this has changed as Phil Spencer shared a great trick to get the same Wrap-Up 2022 Year in Review treatment for Xbox!

How Can I View My Xbox Wrap-Up 2022?

There is no official method to get an Xbox Wrap-Up 2022 Year in Review. However, you can get a similar experience using the “My Year in Review” annual stats feature on the TrueAchievements site.

Phil Spencer shared this alternative way of getting these end-of-year stats, which you can easily get by following these steps:

Log In With Xbox Live My Year in Review 2022 TrueAchievements
  • Make sure to log in with the Xbox Live account for which you want the 2022 Year in Review.
  • If you have not previously linked your Xbox Live / Microsoft account with TrueAchievements, you will get a prompt asking if you want to let TrueAchievements access your information so they can prepare your Xbox Wrap-Up 2022 Year in Review.
    • After reading the information about the data-sharing required for this process, you can click “Yes” if you want to proceed.
App Access TrueAchievements Xbox Live
  • Once you accept, if you do not have a TrueAchievements account already, a “Register on TrueAchievements” site will load.
    • Here, click on the two boxes below the Terms and Conditions to confirm you are above 16 years old and that you have read the terms and conditions.
    • Once you click on the box beside “I agree with the terms and conditions,” a new tab with the terms and conditions will open on your browser. Read them and go back to the previous tab to click the box again.
    • Finally, once both boxes are checked, click on “Register.”
  • If you already have a TrueAchivements account, simply click “Log In” and proceed to enter your account information.
Register TrueAchievements Xbox Wrap Up
  • You should now be logged in TrueAchievements with your Xbox Live account, and all you need to do is click on the green “See #MyYearOnXbox” button to get your Xbox Wrap-Up.
My Year on Xbox TrueAchievements
  • Note that if the site servers are busy, it might take several minutes to load your My Year On Xbox data. Sometimes, it can take up to five minutes, so be patient.
My Xbox Year in review wrap up loading trueachievements
  • After all your data loads, you will get an image with your My Year On Xbox Wrap-Up.
Xbox My Year in Review True Achievements

What Are the Requirements to Get My 2022 Year on Xbox?

These are the requirements to get a My Year on Xbox 2022 Wrap-Up:

  • Must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Granting the TrueAchievements app permission to access your Xbox Live account information is necessary.
  • Your Xbox Live account must have data from at least one game played during 2022; else, no data will be presented in the final image.
  • You need to agree to TrueAchievements’s Terms and Conditions while registering.

What Stats Are Included in the Xbox Wrap-Up?

The My Year On Xbox 2022 Wrap-Up includes the following stats:

  • Achievements earned
  • Games played
  • Total Gamerscore
  • Game Pass games played
  • Your top game in 2022
    • Hours played
    • Completion rate

Unfortunately, in contrast to Nintendo’s Year in Review 2022 and PlayStation’s Wrap-Up, the amount of details players can get on their Xbox stats is a bit lacking.

But, considering this is not an experience provided directly by Microsoft, it is a fantastic effort from TrueAchievements and a nice feature for Xbox fans.

Phil Spencer Year in Review Xbox

What Should I Do if My Year on Xbox Wrap-up Is Not Loading?

If the site is not loading your Xbox 2022 Wrap-Up, give it some time before trying anything else. Depending on the site’s traffic, the image can take up to five minutes to generate.

Generally, waiting resolves all problems, but if the issue persists, try the following:

  • Completely reloading the site.
  • Try using a different browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari on Mac, or Opera).
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies:
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