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How to Use Warzone VPN to Avoid SBMM and Get Easy Games

Want to use a VPN in Warzone to avoid SBMM and get yourself some easy games? JGOD’s new guide reveals some interesting facts about the process.

We’ve known about the Warzone VPN process for around a year at this point. In case you haven’t heard, both content creators and regular players alike have worked out that using a VPN can lead to bypassing Skill-Based Matchmaking and potentially finding easier lobbies.

Of course, what many players may not realize is that the process isn’t as simple as streamers may have you believe. And just getting around SBMM won’t be enough to guarantee you the bot lobby you’re after.

Warzone Season 4 Skydive
(Source: Activision)

With that in mind, JGOD is helping us out with a guide to using a VPN in Warzone. And the results are certainly interesting.

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How to Use a VPN in Warzone to Bypass SBMM

In a new video guide, JGOD reveals the truth about using a VPN to bypass Skill-Based Matchmaking in Warzone.

According to the YouTuber, simply using a traditional VPN to change your region to New Zealand isn’t enough to get Warzone to put you into a foreign lobby. As it turns out, Activision’s battle royale may have no anti-cheat but it does have countermeasures to stop players from changing regions so easily.

However, using certain specific VPNs, players can get the game to believe they’re truly playing from another region in the world. And what these VPNs do is ensure that you, the player, can get into a game as fast as possible.

Warzone Season 4
(Source: Activision)

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Because of that, Warzone will find you the best connection lobby, regardless of skill level, and drop you in there. JGOD states that using a VPN to eliminate the SBMM in Warzone actually leads to finding better connection games than usual.

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Do VPNs Make Warzone Games Easier?

But do the games actually get any easier? JGOD doesn’t believe this is necessarily true.

Using his VPN to spectate a random New Zealand-based game, JGOD discovers that the lobby K/D is around 1.07 on average. Many players in the server have higher K/D ratios too, so it’s certainly no bot lobby.

It does look like the VPN may make things a little easier when removing SBMM as a factor. However, using Jackfrags’ method of finding easy Warzone games is far more effective!

It’s also worth noting that certain Warzone game modes have no SBMM, according to reports. And because of this, they’re certainly easier to enjoy when they’re around.

Meanwhile, professional streamers also have to find a way to avoid stream snipers in-game, something that NICKMERCS has a new solution for!

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