There are three masks up for grabs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first DLC but can you actually use The Teal Mask form itself for Ogerpon?

The Teal Mask is the name of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new expansion, but it’s also the item that the DLC’s storyline revolves around.

Ogerpon, a new legendary Pokemon that hides its face behind a mask, wears The Teal Mask initially as a disguise to help it enter the village. Later though, it simply wears that mask to remind itself of a lost friend.

Can You Get The Teal Mask Item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

The only time you can get The Teal Mask as an item is early in the first Pokemon Scarlet & Violet expansion, when you first encounter Ogerpon at the festival.

As part of the DLC’s storyline, you witness Ogerpon drop its mask, and you temporarily pick it up.

Shortly afterward, the mask is repaired and you deliver it back to the legendary Pokemon, at which point it leaves your inventory for good.

Finding The Teal Mask Item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

After this point, you can never get The Teal Mask again, but Ogerpon will actually use it whenever it’s not holding another mask.

However, by defeating the Loyal Three (Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti) later in the story, you’ll be able to acquire other masks for Ogerpon.

And unlike the Teal Mask, the Cornerstone, Wellspring, and Hearthflame Mask all appear in the Other Items compartment of your bag.

How to Use Ogerpon’s Teal Mask Form

To use Ogerpon’s Teal Mask form, simply have the Pokemon hold no item, or any item that isn’t a mask.

Ogerpon With and Without the Teal Mask

Although Ogerpon doesn’t appear to wear any mask when you take it out of its Poke Ball, it will be wearing The Teal Mask in combat.

It also appears with The Teal Mask equipped in your party list.

Ogerpon in your party list

The Teal Mask form for Ogerpon doesn’t affect the creature’s regular Grass typing. It does not change its Tera Type, nor its move ‘Ivy Cudgel’.

Just like in the story content, Ogerpon’s mask will become enormous while the Pokemon is Terrastallized.

Giant Teal Mask in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

We suppose we just have to assume that Ogerpon holds onto the Teal Mask someplace safe when it’s given one of the other masks.

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