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How to Use the Arsenal – Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War has introduced many new features to Zombies, one of them being the Arsenal. In this article, I am going to explain to you how to use the Arsenal.

In Die Maschine, you can find the Arsenal near the power button in the particle accelerator room. The Arsenal looks like a mannequin being operated on by robotic arms.

The Arsenal requires you to use an all new currency in the game called salvage. Salvage is dropped by all enemies when you kill them, and it comes in two rarities: uncommon (green) and rare (blue).

The rate at which you earn salvage is as follows:

  • One uncommon salvage drop = 50 parts
  • One rare salvage drop = 10 parts
Uncommon & rare salvage drops in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine
Uncommon & rare salvage drops

There are two main ways for you to use the Arsenal in Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Armor and Weapon Rarity Upgrades.

Using the Arsenal in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Arsenal in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine
The Arsenal

Armor Upgrades

First, let's start with armor. At the Arsenal workbench, you'll be shown four different options. The first three are armor upgrade tiers while the fourth option is repairing your armor for 250 uncommon salvage parts.

The armor upgrades are as follows:

  • Tier 1 Armor Upgrade = 500 uncommon salvage parts
  • Tier 2 Armor Upgrade = 1000 uncommon salvage parts
  • Tier 3 Armor Upgrade = 250 rare salvage parts
Arsenal armor upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine
Armor upgrade prices

You would think the price of upgrading your armor would have continued to go up after the tier 2 upgrade. However, in this instance, to get the tier three armor upgrade only the salvage rarity increases and costs 250 rare salvage parts

The armor in Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a crucial part of the gameplay.

Sure, you have Juggernog which can help you withstand attacks from all enemies, but armor makes it so that you can absorb even more hits before you go down. The armor stacks with the effects of Juggernog.

Weapon Rarity Upgrades

The second feature you can utilize with the Arsenal station is the ability to upgrade the rarity of your weapon mid-game.

Upgrading your weapons in Black Ops Cold War Zombies is crucial for the longevity of your game, so using the Arsenal is a must.

When upgrading the rarity, there are four stages, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each of these upgrades costs salvage parts to upgrade. However, the rarity upgrades use both the green (uncommon) and blue (rare) salvage parts.

The weapon rarity upgrade progression is as follows:

  • Common/loadout to Uncommon rarity = 500 uncommon salvage parts
  • Uncommon rarity to Rare rarity = 1000 uncommon salvage parts
  • Rare rarity to Epic rarity = 500 rare salvage parts
  • Epic rarity to Legendary rarity = 1000 rare salvage parts
Weapon rarity upgrades in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine
Weapon rarity upgrade prices

The rare salvage parts are harder to obtain, so players might be on a high round once they have fully upgraded their weapon's rarity.

Re-roll your attachments

There is one other option you can spend your uncommon salvage parts on in regard to your weapon.

You can decide to re-roll your attachments on your current weapon you have out for 250 uncommon salvage parts. This means the Arsenal will replace any attachments you had on your weapon before with all-new randomized ones.

This is a fun addition to the game to add a randomized charm into zombies. You can also experience your weapon with different attachments without ending your game which is also a nice touch.


All in all, the Arsenal workspace is a very important part of survival in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Your survival depends on it.

In addition to the Arsenal station, pack-a-punching your weapons is important too, check out our guide on how to pack-a-punch on Die Maschine.

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