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How to Use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights

Smoke Bombs will help you escape enemies and retreat to the shadows in Gotham Knights, but how exactly do you use them?

You could easily make it through all of Gotham Knights’ story without ever encountering a Smoke Bomb. Despite the tool being a core part of each one of the Knights’ kit, it’s not very well advertised in-game.

Learning how to master Smoke Bomb usage is important though, particularly for some of the game’s tougher encounters. With that in mind, we’ve put together all the information you need to know to use the tool effectively.

How to Use a Smoke Bomb in Gotham Knights

To use a Smoke Bomb, a player must use L1/LB on controller or F on keyboard to grapple to a ledge when mid-combat. Holding down the button instead of just pressing it will result in your Knight dropping a Smoke Bomb as they make their escape.

This is a great way to escape enemy combatants and have them lose track of your position as you recover.

How to Use a Smoke Bomb in Gotham Knights

It also lets you re-enter stealth so you can get the drop on them for some more quick takedowns, and gives you a good vantage point to survey the battle.

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How to Complete Smoke Bomb Training

To complete Smoke Bomb training, first head to the Belfry and approach the Training Area. Head into Basic Training and select Smoke Bomb training.

During the training session, engage in combat with the enemies, then look up for the available ledge and hold L1/LB or F to grapple to it, leaving a Smoke Bomb in your wake.

Smoke Bomb Training Gotham Knights

Repeat this once more to complete your Smoke Bomb Training successfully.

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Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb Not Working Tips & Tricks

If you find that Smoke Bombs aren’t working for you in Gotham Knights, consider the following factors:

  • Smoke Bombs can only be used in combat.
  • You can’t use an infinite number of Smoke Bombs and each suit can only carry a specific amount before returning to the Belfry to replenish them automatically. You can see your total Smoke Bomb count in the Batcomputer menu, in the Gear section.
How to Use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights
  • Don’t forget to hold down the grapple button, rather than just pressing it, to drop a Smoke Bomb.
  • Smoke Bombs CANNOT be used without grappling, meaning that you can’t just toss one down at your feet and continue fighting on the ground.

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