Defending in FIFA 23 is one of the most difficult things to do sometimes, but with a Power Tackle, you can steadily increase the number of times that you are able to recover the ball on defense.

FIFA 23 uses all-new gameplay technology called HyperMotion 2. This pushes FIFA to new lengths and delivers one of the most realistic football games of all time.

But this also means that there are more ways than ever to reach your opponent’s goal.

Here we will go in-depth with the Power Tackle and why it’s one of the most useful tools that elite players use in the higher divisions.

Power Tackle FUT 23

How to Power Tackle in FIFA 23

To Power Tackle in FIFA 23, you must hold down R1/RB and press the tackle button (Square/X on Classic Controls).

Power Tackle Controls

This will push your player to perform a much stronger tackle that covers more distance quickly. It’s great for stopping your opponent’s counter-attack. But it’s also a very easy way to get a Yellow or a Red, so use it in-game with caution.

If you have one of the current meta centre backs in the game, then it’ll make pulling off Power Tackles much easier.

When to Use Power Tackle

Here are the best times to use a Power Tackle in FIFA 23 to win the ball from your opponent:

  • When your opponent is breaking away through the wings, it looks like your defender won’t be able to intercept in time.
    • A Power Tackle will lunge your player forward and give them a better chance to intercept the opponent.
  • Any time your opponent tries to outrun your defender with a player that has Explosive acceleRATE type.
    • These players are quick to reach top speeds, so any physical defender might let them scrape past for a shot on a goal.
    • With a power tackle, you can quickly close the gap before they get too far from you.
    • It’s always better to aim for the space in front of a Striker like it’s pictured below rather than the player itself. This helps you avoid fouling your opponent.
Power Tackle Direction
  • During a counter-attack, stop any player that may be cutting into the goal from a follow-through pass.
  • As a last-ditch effort to stop a player with a clear path to the goal in the final moments of the game.
    • This is very risky because if you happen to miss the ball, then it is very likely that you will be shown a red.
    • Although, a red is better than being one point from qualifying for FUT Champions.
  • You see a follow-through pass that you can reach with a slide tackle. Using a Power Tackle is more effective since your player will use both feet and basically form a small wall.
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