There’s a new ‘Snake glitch’ in Call of Duty MW3 that allows users to move at full sprint while completely prone.

The exploit is incredibly easy to pull off but it’s currently exclusive to PC. Once a Modern Warfare 3 player engages Snake mode, they’re able to slither around on the ground at incredibly high speeds.

Obviously, this makes avoiding enemy fire significantly easier, and it reduces your hitbox significantly too!

Snaking in MW3

Here’s how to use the new Snake glitch on Call of Duty MW3:

MW3 Snake Settings

  1. First, this glitch ONLY works on PC, so unfortunately, PlayStation and Xbox fans will be left out
  2. Head into Settings and select Keyboard and Mouse
Turning Automatic Sprint on in MW3 Settings
  1. Then, in the Gameplay tab make sure Automatic Sprint is set to Automatic Sprint
  2. In the Keybinds tab, go to Movement Advanced Keybinds
Movement Advanced Keybinds in MW3
  1. Then change Stance Down to Mouse Wheel Scroll Up
Stance Down in MW3 Settings
  1. Finally, in the Mouse tab, make sure that your Mouse Wheel Delay (under Mouse Calibration) is set to 0
Mouse Wheel Delay Setting in MW3

How to Snake

Once you’ve got your Settings set up correctly, you’re now able to Snake in a game of MW3! To do so:

  1. Hold down W to move forward and don’t let go
  2. Jump with Space Bar
  3. Scroll up on the Mouse Wheel three times while in the air
  4. You will now be in ‘Snake Mode’ with your character lying prone but your game still acting like you’re standing up
  5. You’re even able to sprint while in Snake form, massively reducing your hitbox as you slither around on the ground at high speeds

Bear in mind that you’ll stop ‘snaking’ as soon as you fire or stop moving forward. However, you can simply stand up and jump back into Snake mode by repeating the steps above!

Will the Snake Glitch Be Patched?

Yes, the MW3 Snake glitch will likely be patched very soon. These sorts of exploits usually don’t stick around in the game for long after their discovery.

However, it’ll likely be a day or two before the Snake glitch gets a patch, so in the meantime, you should expect to see a whole lot of slithering in your Multiplayer matches!

It’s unlikely that players will get in trouble for using the MW3 Snake glitch, but it is still technically an exploit. Therefore, use it at your own risk.

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