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How to Use Firecracker in Clash Royale | Gameplay vs All Cards

Here's how to use Firecracker in Clash Royale, including gameplay vs all cards.
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Clash Royale Season 7 is coming out on January 6th and it brings a brand new card called Firecracker. Initially called Rocketeer, the card shoots a firework towards its opponents. Wondering how to use Firecracker in Clash Royale? Here are the best tips, in addition to gameplay vs all cards.

How to Get Clash Royale Firecracker Card

You’ll first need to unlock Firecracker in order to use the card. The three-cost common can be found in all chests or can be requested in clans. Further to this, there are also tournaments available to get the card once past a certain amount of wins, similar to the Battle Healer last season.

While it is just a common, you can expect to unlock it pretty soon within chests. However, if you wish to level the card up any time soon, you’ll need to get plenty of them!

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Best Tips – How to Use and Counter

In terms of attacking, you will not want to use just the Firecracker. You’ll need to have numerous other troops accompany and tank for it. This is because the Firecracker will only get one hit on the tower if she is alone. We have compiled the best tips below.

  • Use against large, slow cards (such as Giant, Pekka, Giant Skeleton, and more). This is due to the fact she is pushed back two tiles every time she shoots a firework, making it harder for slow troops to attack her.
  • It’s best to place her in the middle of the arena on your side when against large cards.
  • She is very effective against multi-cards as she deals plenty of splash damage. However, against swarm cards, you’ll need to place her directly in front of them. If you attack multi-cards from the side, it’s possible you won’t hit all of them.
  • Be careful placing her against cards that move very fast, such as Wall Breakers. She might miss them as a result of her delay.
  • She is very good at taking down buildings, although usually when there is another card tanking for her.
  • Place her relatively far away from opposition troops as she has a large range.
  • The best way to counter her is by using goblins.

Clash Royale Firecracker vs All Cards

Here’s a video of the Firecracker one on one against all cards in the game, including commons, rares, epics, and legendaries.

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