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How to Use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox & Link Accounts

Here’s how you can use Discord voice chat on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One as well as how to link your Discord and Microsoft accounts.

Discord is one of the best ways to chat with your friends while gaming but, until now, Xbox players couldn’t use it.

Luckily, Microsoft announced in July 2022 that Discord will be available for gamers on both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles. However, there are a couple of things you need to do beforehand.

First, you’ll need to know how to link your Discord and Microsoft accounts. Then, you will be able to use the Xbox app to easily transfer your voice channel and chat with your friends. Here’s the full rundown!

Discord Xbox

You can link your Xbox and Discord accounts on PC, Xbox, or on your mobile phone:

  • Discord on PC
    • Click the cog wheel to go to User Settings
    • Go to the Connections tab and select the Xbox icon
    • Log into your Microsoft account
  • Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One Console
    • Select the Discord banner on the Xbox home page or in Notifications
    • Scan the QR code, download the Xbox app and follow the instructions below to link accounts.
  • Xbox App
    • Make sure you are logged in to the correct Xbox account
    • Go to Settings and select ‘Linked Accounts’
    • Click on Discord and log in to your Discord account
  • Discord App
    • Go to User Settings and select ‘Connections’
    • Choose Xbox
    • Log in using your Microsoft account

Now you have connected your accounts, you’ll also need to know how to use Discord on Xbox!

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Discord Xbox Voice Chat

How to Use Discord Voice Chat on Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One

To use Discord on your Xbox, you will need to have connected your Xbox and Discord accounts. Then, you will be able to transfer a Discord voice channel to your console by using the Xbox app.

At the moment, this feature is only available for Xbox Insiders, but it will be available for all players soon.

  • On the Discord app, pick a voice channel, swipe up for audio control settings, and choose the option ‘Join on Xbox’
  • This will open up your Xbox app
  • On the Xbox app, select your Xbox console and then press ‘Transfer Audio’
  • Your Discord voice chat will now be on your Xbox. You can also use your Discord mobile app to control the Discord audio on your Xbox

Now that you know how to use Discord on Xbox, you’ll need some games to play with your friends. Here are the best multiplayer games releasing in 2022!

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