Players can use the Birdseye Perk with their loadout by equipping the Recon Perk Package. The Birdseye Perk allows players to see enemy locations and directions whenever a UAV or Radar ping is on the map.

This is an incredibly powerful tool since it activates when a nearby player has a UAV or Radar active.

At times this can seem like an unfair advantage to some, and some popular creators have even called for a nerf of the Birdseye Perk.

Currently, there is no way to counter the Birdseye Perk since Ghost doesn’t seem to work against it. There is also no way to edit the Birdseye Perk into your loadout without a default perk package.

How Birdseye Perk Works in Warzone 2

The Birdseye Perk pings enemy locations and the direction they are moving in whenever a UAV or Radar ping is on your map.

Although this perk has some hidden abilities, it is incredibly powerful and one of the most useful perks in Warzone 2. Its abilities also activate whenever another player nearby uses a UAV.

This means that you could potentially have its abilities activated for the majority of the match. This is one of the main reasons players want to see a Birdseye Perk nerf.

Birdseye Perk Warzone 2

A UAV is one of the most used killstreaks in Warzone 2, so it’s almost guaranteed that your Birdseye Perk will see plenty of use. It practically mimics the effects of an Advanced UAV.

It is currently one of the most popular perks in Warzone 2, especially after the recent fix to Ultimate Perks.

Although, there is a high possibility that this perk sees a nerf with the upcoming Warzone 2 Season 2.

Will Birdseye Perk Be Nerfed

There is a strong possibility that the Birdseye Perk will receive a nerf with the upcoming changes in Warzone 2 and MW2.

Many content creators are already vocal about the unfair advantage that Birdseye Perk gives other players. Plenty of players have taken to social to voice their concerns and even elaborate on why it’s so unfair.

The above image shows all the enemy players in your area and where they’re headed. Because of this, players can easily flank them and avoid them if they want.

How to Counter Birdseye Perk in Warzone 2

There is currently no consistent way to counter the Birdseye Perk in Warzone 2. This is because Ghost does not activate when it is active.

The best strategy against it is to have at least one player in your squad equipped with the Birdseye Perk. This allows players to access the same information as their enemies.

This isn’t a direct counter, but it is a great way to level the playing field.