In Diablo 4, players will need to equip the best gear possible in order to face the challenges that Lilith raises, and one of the most important ways to do it is with Aspects.

Aspects are special properties players can obtain to provide their items with powerful affixes. These affixes usually include some additional effects that activate with skills or during battle.

Aspects are an important part of Diablo 4 and are required to master if you’re looking to jump deep into the endgame content.

How to Use Aspects to Make Legendary Weapons & Armor

Players can use Aspects from the Codex of Power or their inventory at The Occultist to upgrade weapons, armor, and jewelry to Legendary with an added affix.

  1. Head to The Occultist in one of the main towns of Sanctuary.
    • You can find them by heading to the magic sigil icon on your map.
    • The Occultist is unlocked when players reach Level 25 or when they complete their first Dungeon and unlock the Codex of Power.
Occultist Diablo 4
  1. Interact with them; the first screen is the Imprint Aspect menu.
  2. Choose the item that you want to imprint an Aspect to.
    • We recommend using a powerful Rare Item with great stats since imprinting will cost you legendary materials that don’t come by too often.
Imprint Aspect Diablo IV
  1. After you’ve settled on an item, choose the Aspect from your Codex of Power or your Inventory.
  2. Preview the item to ensure it’s what you want.
  3. Imprint the Aspect by paying with the necessary Gold and materials.
    • Players must use Veiled Crystals in combination with Coiling Wards, Abstruse Sigils, or Baleful Fragment.
  4. You’ll have a new Legendary item in place of the Rare item that you chose to use for this process.
Imprinted Aspect Diablo 4
An item will display if it was Imprinted at The Occultist.

This is the easiest way to get Legendary items for your character, but it’s also the one that requires the most resources.

Before you set out to imprint Aspects on your weapons, make sure you stock up on the following materials:

Thankfully, you can obtain Aspects and keep them stored until you have enough materials or a weapon you wish to use them on.

What Are Aspects?

Aspects are essentially powerful effects that players can add or imprint onto items to imbue them with a Legendary affix. If the item isn’t of the Legendary rarity, imprinting an Aspect will convert it into a Legendary item.

The affixes from Aspects act as special properties to your item that will give you an impressive boost in power when their activation requirements are met.

For example, an Aspect for armor can allow you to obtain a Barrier simply by damaging any Elite enemy on the field.

This is a powerful ability that can essentially absorb any damage you receive during a tough encounter. But using Aspects does come at a heavy price.

Since they essentially upgrade the rarity of your weapon to Legendary, you’ll need some legendary materials to use them.

Where to Obtain Aspects

Players can obtain Aspects in Diablo 4 by two different methods:

  1. By extracting them from Legendary Weapons at The Occultist
    • The aspects you extract from Legendary items will be sent to your Character’s bag. You can view these by pulling up your Character Menu and scrolling to the last tab, “Aspects.”
Diablo 4 Aspects Inventory
  1. By beating the Dungeons scattered throughout Sanctuary in Diablo IV
    • Aspects you unlock from Dungeons are sent directly to your Codex of Power. You can see which Aspects you own and which ones you still need to unlock there.
Codex of Power Diablo IV

Dungeons with an Aspect to obtain for the Codex of Power will show up on your map with a Gate icon and a small gold chest on the bottom right.

If you hover over these Dungeon icons within your map, they will display the name of the Dungeon and what Aspect you obtain from clearing it.

They will also tell you if the Aspect is only for a certain class. Once you unlock an Aspect, it’ll become available for any future characters that you create.

How to Extract Legendary Aspect

Players can extract an Aspect from a Legendary item by visiting The Occultist and using the “Extract Aspect” function from them.

  1. Head to The Occultist in your nearest town.
  2. Navigate to the second tab, “Extract Aspect.”
  3. Pick the Legendary Item that you wish to destroy to extract its power.
Extract Aspect Diablo IV
  1. Preview the Aspect and ensure it’s the one you were looking to extract.
  2. Pay the Gold shown to extract the Aspect.

After you extract the Aspect, you can use it to upgrade a weapon, The Occultist. This is helpful when you find a powerful ability that suits your build, but you need to find a higher-level item to imprint it on.

How Many Times Can You Use an Aspect?

Players can use the Aspects from the Codex of Power in Diablo 4 as many times as they want once they unlock it, but they can only use an Aspect extracted from a Legendary item once.