FIFA 23 has a new shooting mechanic that will allow players to use a Power Shot to send a powerful direct shot to the net and score some masterclass goals.

When playing FIFA, building up your arsenal of shots can prove to be useful when scaling the different divisions in FUT 23 Rivals or any other competitive mode.

It’ll keep your opponent guessing, and if you have the right player, you’ll be able to produce sensational goals.

The new Power Shot shooting mechanic will enable players to surprise an unsuspecting goalkeeper from a distance. Here’s how you can use one and the best situations for it!

How to Shoot Using a Power Shot in FIFA 23

Here is how to use a Power Shot depending on what controller you’re using:

  • On Xbox Controllers:
    • Hold RB + LB
    • Aim your shot with the Left Stick
    • Shoot the Power Shot with B
  • On PlayStation Controllers:
    • Hold R1 + L1
    • Aim your shot with the Left Analog Stick
    • Shoot your Power Shot with O
  • On Nintendo Switch Controllers:
    • Hold L + R
    • Aim your shot with the Left Stick
    • Shoot your Power Shot with A
  • On Keyboard & Mouse:
    • Hold the Left Shift Key + D
    • Aim your shot with your mouse
    • Right-Click on your mouse to shoot the Power Shot

You’ll be able to perform this shot standing still, jogging, or sprinting. However, it’s a good idea to give the player at least a step to settle down and properly balance before using it.

It’s also worth noting that the Power Shot’s aiming is entirely manual. So you’ll need to carefully aim it before shooting.

If not, you risk sending your shot to the stands or too far off to the side. But they are fun to use, and some players score brilliant goals with them.

This is one of the more highly praised new mechanics. Another new mechanic that can be confusing is the Chemistry Threshold system in FUT 23.

How to Turn Off Power Shot Zoom

To turn off the automatic zoom whenever you want to use a Power Shot:

  • Head to “Customize” from the FIFA 23 main menu.
  • Select “Game Settings” from the list of options.
  • Navigate to “Camera” using R1/RT or your mouse.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the settings list and highlight “Power Shot Zoom.”
  • Use the directional pads to change it from “On” to “Off.”

Sometimes the Power Shot zoom can be disorienting when playing competitively. If you don’t care too much for the visual aspect of it, then it’s best to keep this setting off.

FIFA 23 Power Shot Tips & Tricks – Best Time to Use

There are a few things you should know to make the best of a Power Shot in FIFA 23, including:

  • Power Shots will require a bit of build-up time from the player.
    • Your player will back away a bit from the ball and wind up to deliver a powerful shot.
    • Make sure your player is not near any defenders, or they will strip the ball away quickly.
    • Compose the player a step or two before the shot, to balance first, and aim the body shape where you want the ball to go.
  • Try to aim your Power Shot to the left or right corner of the goal.
    • This will make it incredibly difficult for the goalie to block.
  • Use this shot when you are outside of the box.
    • If you are inside, then the goalie will have a higher chance of blocking your shot. Mainly due to the wind-up the player does before they shoot.
  • Do not overuse it, or your opponent will read your moves efficiently.
    • It’s a great shot and one that can give you a goal without too much build-up play.
    • But it’s not an OP mechanic that will overpower an experienced player.
  • Use it as a sort of surprise tactic.
    • Feint like you’re going for a pass by doing a 1-2 pass but instead of passing a follow-through, go for a shot.
    • This shot can be done while standing still, so use it to surprise the goalkeeper.
    • Use a variety of shots, and once your opponent drops his guard and gives you more distance, then use a Power Shot outside of the box to stun the keeper.

But the Power Shot is also at its best when used by a high-caliber player like Ronaldo, one of this year’s best ST FUT Icons.

You’ll also be able to give your players more space by building an excellent FUT 23 team. Thankfully, we have the best tips to build a successful FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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