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How to Use an Outside Foot Shot (Trivela) in FIFA 23

Adding the Outside Foot shot, known as the Trivela, to your FIFA 23 arsenal is essential if you’re hoping to be competitive with the FUT 23 meta.

Sometimes your team will build up a play only to land a shot on your striker’s weaker foot. Unless your ST has a five-star Weak Foot, the chances it goes in are slim.

Thankfully, there are other options. When you use an Outside Foot Flair Shot and are running in, your player will opt for a Trivela curve shot instead of using your weak foot.

How to Use an Outside Foot (Flair Shot) in FIFA 23

To use a Flair Shot or an Outside Foot Shot in FIFA 23, you need to hold down the L2/LT button before you press the shot button.

So depending on which controller you’re using, your inputs should be:

  • Xbox Controllers:
    • LT + B
  • PlayStation Controllers:
    • L2 + Circle
Flair Shot Controller Inputs

This will usually prompt your player to perform an outside foot shot if you’re at the right angle. This means:

  • In instances where you would press R1/RB for a Finesse Shot with your weak foot, you can instead opt to use a Flair Shot to do an outside foot shot with your strong foot.
FIFA 23 Flair Shot
  • This will curve the ball around the keeper as well and make it hard for them to save your shot.

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What Is An Outside Foot Shot?

An outside foot shot uses the outer part of a player’s foot to score goals from compromising angles in FIFA 23.

It’s a way to curl a shot when you’re at an angle you can’t use a finesse shot in. In FIFA 23, it’s one of the most overpowered ways to score consistently.

You can see just how overpowered the Outside Foot Shot is by watching this video:

Some players will also be able to perform an outside foot when at the proper angle without any button prompts due to having the “Outside Foot Shot” trait.

What Does The Outside Foot Trait Mean?

The Outside Foot Trait gives players higher accuracy when performing a trivela shot during a match. Players with this trait are some of the most sought-after in FIFA 23.

To check to see if your player has the trait, you need to:

  • Head to your Squad page in FIFA 23
  • Highlight the player whose traits you want to check
  • Press down on the Right Stick to bring up Player Details
  • Press R1/Rb to scroll to the fourth option, Player Traits
  • Here you’ll be able to see all their traits
  • If the player has the Outside Foot Shot trait, then they’ll be able to do it without a button prompt if they are in the proper angle.

The best player to use this shot with would be one of the strikers part of the current meta in FIFA 23.

Best Players With Outside Foot Trait in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Here are the best players in FIFA 23 that have the Outside Foot Trait:

  • Lionel Messi – Argentina (PSG)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal (Manchester United)
  • Karim Benzema – France (Real Madrid)
  • Vinícius Júnior – Brazil (Real Madrid)
  • Ángel Correa TOTW – Argentina (Athletico Madrid)
  • Thomas Lemar (RTTK) – France (Athletico Madrid)
  • Lucas Paquetá (RTTK) – Brazil (West Ham)
  • Christopher Nkunku – France (RB Lepzig)

FIFA 23 Outside Foot Shot Tips & Tricks – Best Time to Use

Here are a few tips to help you use the Outside Foot Shot to the best of its abilities:

  • Not every Flair Shot will be an outside foot shot. You need to be at the right angle for that. Sometimes players will do a trick shot on goal.
  • If you use a Flair Shot while the ball is in the air, your player will perform a bicycle shot.
  • If you’re lined up with your strong foot and have plenty of space, then a better option to use would be the newly implemented Power Shot.
  • If you have a player with the Outside Foot Trait, the player will perform a Trivela without needing to press anything besides the shooting button.
  • Use the driven lobbed through pass to properly set up your player with enough space for an outside foot shot on a breakaway play.

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