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How to Upload PS5 Screenshots and Videos to Mobile

PS5 users are finally getting the chance to share their screenshots and videos with ease, by uploading them to mobile devices.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the PS5’s lack of ease when it comes to sharing media – you’re in luck. Gamers are now reporting that the ability to auto-upload content is rolling out to PS5 systems in select regions.

Right now, users in North America are confirming the feature is going live, but it’s expected to drop worldwide in the coming days. Once enabled, PlayStation fans will be able to upload screenshots and videos to their mobile app with ease.

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How to Upload PS5 Screenshots and Gameplay Videos to Mobile

If you want to share content with ease, here’s how to upload PS5 screenshots and gameplay clips to your mobile device:

Right now, players are reporting that their PS5 is finally allowing them to share content to the mobile app. Setting the device up to do so is simple:

  • When the option is available, your PS5 will notify you when viewing your screenshots.
  • Go to your PS5 Media Gallery and the option should appear if your region is eligible for mobile uploads.
  • Select ‘Enable Auto-Upload’.
  • Don’t worry, if you miss the prompt, you haven’t lost the option for good. Simply head to Captures and Broadcasts to edit your PS5 upload settings at any point.
  • Note: You can also activate the auto-upload feature via the PlayStation app itself!

Bear in mind that your screenshots and media won’t stick around on mobile forever. Instead, the PlayStation app will store the files for 14 days, giving you chance to share them with ease.

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