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How to Upgrade Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z – Cold War Zombies

Once you’ve got your Wonder Weapon in Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z, you’ll need to know how to upgrade it!

Firebase Z brings a new map for Cold War Zombies fans to explore, complete with a powerful new Wonder Weapon.

The R.A.I K-84 is already capable of putting down Zombies at high rounds with ease. However, give it an upgrade and the weapon is near enough unstoppable.

Right now, much of the Firebase Z Easter egg is still locked until tomorrow. However, we can already upgrade the Wonder Weapon in Firebase Z with the following steps.

Firebase Z: How to Upgrade the Wonder Weapon (R.A.I. K-84)

Firebase Z Wonder Weapon
(Source: Activision)
  • Once you’ve got your hands on the powerful weapon, you’ll need to turn on the power in Firebase Z.
Firebase Z Turn on Power Aether Reactor Explode
(Source: TheGamingRevolution)
  • And when both these things are complete, head through the Teleporter and return to the Village.
  • Make your way to Ravenov’s office, in the Atrium, and use the Pack-a-Punch machine.
Pack-a-Punch Firebase Z
(Source: TheGamingRevolution)
  • Since the power is restored, the Pack-a-Punch will allow you to upgrade your Wonder Weapon. Unlike the D.I.E. and Ray Gun, the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon can upgrade as normal using this machine.
Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Upgrade Pack-a-Punch
(Source: FatMatt)
  • The first upgrade will change the R.A.I. K-84 to the Discordian Disruptor, with a new gold appearance and red energy blasts. This costs 5000 points.
  • From here, the weapon can be upgraded twice more.
Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Upgrade Discordian Disruptor
(Source: FatMatt)

If there are other ways to upgrade the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon, they’ll likely be part of the map’s Easter egg.

Stay tuned for the full Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter egg guide when it drops tomorrow.

In the meantime, be sure to avoid this new Firebase Z game-breaking glitch in Cold War Zombies.

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