A little-known mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom actually allows players to repair their weapons before they break.

If you’re tired of the durability system and want to keep your favorite weapons, all you need to do is find some Rock Octoroks.

How to Fix Breaking Weapons in TOTK

To fix a weapon that is about to break or has had its durability reduced even a little, follow these instructions:

  • Locate a Rock Octorok.
    • They can be typically found around Goron City.
The location of a rock octorok in TOTK
There is a guaranteed Rock Octorok at this spot. It is Northeast of Goron City. Its coordinates are:
1881, 2713, 0396
  • Drop the weapon you want to be fixed near the Octorok.
    • Octoroks don’t attack if you go right up to them. So, it’s best to drop it next to them and then back away.
Link dropping a weapon next to a rock octorok in TOTK
To drop a weapon, hold Right on the D-Pad, select the weapon you want with the right joystick, and press X to drop it.
  • Wait for the Octorok to suck up your weapon.
    • This will happen automatically, and you don’t need to do anything to trigger it beyond putting the weapon next to it.
A rock octorok sucking up a weapon in TOTK
  • The Octorok will then sparkle. You’ll see blue and gold sparkles appear around it, signifying that your weapon has been repaired.
A rock octorok repairing a weapon in TOTK
When you see it sparkle like this, it means your weapon has been successfully repaired.
  • Finally, the Octorok will spit out your weapon.
    • If the weapon hits you, it will deal damage. So make sure to have a shield handy to block the weapon with or dodge out of the way.
  • Pick it up. You will find it has been restored to full durability and given a random upgrade.

For many players, this will likely further improve the durability system, which has already seen multiple improvements in Tears of the Kingdom.

It’s also worth noting that this technique works with bows, shields, weapons, Fused shields, and Fused weapons. There are only a few exceptions, which are listed below.

A repaired and upgraded weapon in TOTK
Check your weapon to see what random upgrade it has been given.

This repairing system is a revamped version of a mechanic in BOTW. In that game, Rock Octoroks could turn rusty weapons into clean ones, thus improving their overall attack, by sucking them up.

However, there are limitations to the repair system in TOTK. They are:

  • You can only repair one weapon per Rock Octorok. You must kill the Octorok once it’s repaired one of your weapons and wait until the Blood Moon respawns it.
    • Blood Moons occur once every in-game week, around roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours of playtime.
  • It does not work with any of the unique amiibo weapons in TOTK or amiibo weapons that have been fused with something else.
    • However, you can get it to repair amiibo weapons by following this method:
      • Drop the amiibo weapon.
      • Equip a non-amiibo weapon with reduced durability.
      • Fuse it to the amiibo weapon.
      • Drop it in front of the Octorok.
  • It does not turn decayed weapons into normal ones. If you give a Rock Octorok a decayed weapon, it will restore its durability, but it will remain decayed.
  • Magic Rods cannot be repaired using this method.

Of course, you can watch the full explanation by YouTuber Austin John Plays, who first discovered this method.

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