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How to Upgrade Gear Space in Hogwarts Legacy

Players can upgrade their gear space in Hogwarts Legacy by completing Merlin Trials and claiming the rewards from the Exploration section of their Field Guide.

There are a total of five rewards players can claim, with each one increasing your Gear Slot Space by 4. Your inventory can grow from 20 to 40 items once you’ve completed all the Merlin Trials.

Here are all the Field Guide Merlin Trials challenges and rewards:

  • Solve 2 Merlin Trials – 4 Extra Gear Slots
  • Solve 6 Merlin Trials – 4 Extra Gear Slots
  • Solve 10 Merlin Trials – 4 Extra Gear Slots
  • Unknown – 4 Extra Gear Slots
  • Unknown – 4 Extra Gear Slots

The last two challenges are unknown, but the rewards are the same. Once you complete all the Merlin Trials challenges, you’ll double your total Gear Slot Inventory.

To claim your rewards, you’ll need to:

  • Press the pause button to bring up the Field Guide.
  • Choose the bottom option, “Challenges.”
Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide
  • From the five options, choose Exploration.
Hogwarts Legacy Exploration
  • Scroll down to the fourth option. Here you’ll see your current Merlin Trials progress.
Merlin Trials Hogwarts Legacy
  • To claim a reward, highlight it and press the button it prompts you to.

This is great news since having a full Gear Slot Inventory can negatively affect your loot rolls when opening chests.

Thankfully, the Merlin Trials are plentiful, so completing the first few objectives won’t take too long. Although, you’ll need to unlock them first.

The gear you have equipped in Hogwarts Legacy determines the power of the gear you find in chests. It’s important always to have space in your gear slots and have your strongest gear equipped.

How to Check Your Current Gear Space in Hogwarts Legacy

To check your current Gear Slot Space inventory in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to:

  • Open up your Field Guide using the pause button.
  • Navigate towards the top left and choose the “Gear” icon.
Hogwarts Legacy Gear
  • Select any of your currently equipped items.
  • This will show you the current equipable items and how full your inventory is.
Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots

All players start their Hogwarts Legacy adventure with 20. This seems like a lot, but it’s worth considering that your currently equipped gear takes 6 spaces.

This means there are only 14 open slots for any gear you find while exploring. Thankfully, the Merlin Trials are unlocked early on in your adventure.

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