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How to Upgrade Energy Cell in TOTK

You'll need all the energy you can get for your inventions.

The Energy Cell is an important item in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK that allows players to power up various Zonai Devices that Link finds throughout his adventure.

This tool is vital for making the most of the new mechanics in Tears of the Kingdom and will more than likely become a staple of your gameplay.

Thankfully, this mechanic recharges with every use, so the biggest thing you need to take into account is its different uses.

How to Upgrade Energy Cell

To upgrade an Energy Cell, players must produce Energy Wells at any Crystal Refinery using 100 Crystalized Shards.

  1. Head to any Crystal Refinery you’ve found in Hyrule.
    • The one found in Great Sky Island is at the following coordinates; 0367, -1651, 2298.
Crystal Refinery Great Sky Island
Source: ZaFrostPet
  1. Speak to the Steward Construct inside of the Crystal Refinery.
  2. A few dialogue options will pop up. Choose “Get Producing!” to begin the process of creating an Energy Well.
Steward Construct Tears of the Kingdom
Source: ZaFrostPet
  1. A short animation will play, and players will see one charge added to their Energy Cell.

Where to Find Crystalized Shards

Crystalized Shards are found in the Depths of Hyrule out in the world or in chests guarded by strong enemies.

Players can also purchase Crystalized Shards by spending Zonaite at a Forge Construct. Zonaite is found in the Depths and Mining Cave of Great Sky Island and look like large boulders with green spots.

Zonaite Boulder TOTK

Players can find a Forge Construct as they explore the Mining Caves of Great Sky Island. One can be found in the following coordinates; 0467, -674. 1371.

Forge Construct TOTK

That is how you upgrade your Energy Cell. Players can use these upgrades to extend the amount of time that Zonai Devices stay energized when they use them.

One of the more nifty devices players can craft is adding fans to the Zonai Wing to create your very own mini airplane.

With the upgraded Energy Cell, players can maintain their momentum for a lot longer.

How to Get Energy Cell

Players can obtain an Energy Cell by completing the second shrine, In-Isa Shrine, during the Legend of Zelda: TOTK tutorial on Great Sky Island.

  • Head to In-Isa Shrine in the Great Sky Island region.
    • The coordinates for In-Isa Shrine are 0027, -1503, 1408.
In Isa Shrine
Source: Perfect Score
  • Complete the shrine and solve the puzzle.
  • Once you are taken outside, a Steward Construct will approach you and give you the energy cell.

When you first obtain the Energy Cell, you’ll only have three charges to work with. This is great for getting a hang of the mechanic, but to really make the most of it, you’ll need to upgrade it with Energy Wells.

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